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   Chapter 1635 Being Together

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Feeling wronged and uncomfortable, Sheryl carried a great pressure on her chest. She didn't know if she could endure everything until Charles woke up.

Wiping away her tears and trying to smile, Sheryl mumbled to herself, "Remember Sheryl, nobody will feel sorry for you when you are sad. The only thing you should do is not to think, do, or care about anything else. Focus on Charles. Wait until he wakes up."

Whether her mantra worked or not, nobody would ever know. But after telling herself those words, her sorrow was gone. Sheryl even looked joyful!

In Blue Cloud Technology

"Mr. Xu, please, sign this file." After knocking on Lewis' office door, the secretary walked in. Seeing that he was confused even after telling him to sign the needed file, she now placed the paper in front of him.

After a long while, Lewis raised his head and looked at the secretary. Expressionlessly, he asked, "Who told you to come in?"

"Mr. Xu, you told me to come in after I knocked." The secretary had never seen Lewis like this. And, for the first time, she was scared of the look on his face.

Lewis didn't say anything but continued to stare at her.

Even without directly looking at him, the secretary could feel her boss's cold stare at her. She felt her body tremble and chills run down her spine. "The file, Sir?"

His brain clicked when he heard her address him. He lowered his eyes and looked at the file in front of him. "You can go now."

"Yes, Mr. Xu." As soon as she placed the file in front of him, she fled from the office.

She had never felt so cold for no reason until that moment. Her instincts told her to run away, and so she did.

After the secretary had left, silence reigned again in the spacious office.

Lewis was not in the mood to check the file. Only thoughts of Sheryl filled his mind.

The gossip about him and Sheryl had spread like wildfire online.

Lewis knew he had brought so much trouble to Sheryl, but he had to admit that he liked the outcome. He had truly fallen in love with her. He didn't care if she was Charles' wife. Anyway, Charles planned to divorce her, so he had nothing to worry about. Thus, he decided to make his move to get her.

uation. She had thought that Lewis and she could still get along. But after this, it was not possible. Never had she felt Lewis' intention except for now.

For Lewis, the spreading of the gossip online made him lose control. What he wanted was to be with Sheryl as soon as possible. He didn't give a damn about the so-called dignity of the society.

Lewis could see the embarrassment on Sheryl's face, but he ignored it. He wanted to accomplish his objective for coming: to ensure that Sheryl knew his deepest longings. Lewis wanted her to know how much he loved her. He hoped to be with her, and he didn't care about anything else.

"Mr. Xu, I think you misunderstood. Whatever was said online was very obviously a lie. They wanted to ruin my relationship with Charles. Nothing has happened between you and me, right?" Though Sheryl would have liked to retort, there was something in the way Lewis looked at her. And suddenly, she felt shy.

Whether the gossip was true or not, Lewis didn't care. No matter what, Lewis wanted to make everything that was published on the Internet about them come true.

"Sheryl, I can give you everything that Charles gave you before. It was just unfortunate that everything ended, but now, not anymore, for there is a chance. Since divorce is a mutual decision between the two of you, be with me. Just be with me... And I can give you what he can't." While speaking, Lewis held Sheryl's hand and pulled her into his arms.

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