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   Chapter 1634 Let’s Wait And See

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Nancy nursed a grudge against Leila. In Nancy's eyes, Leila was too arrogant. Leila never cared about what a servant like Nancy would think about her. She just thought Nancy would agree with how the situation had turned and follow her orders. Much to her resentment, she didn't get what she had expected from Nancy. Instead, Nancy showed complete indifference to Leila, ignoring all her demands.

Despite the anger that flowered in Leila's chest, she swallowed it and managed to stay calm. She told herself not to fuss about Nancy's rudeness. Then, she went to the kitchen to make food for herself. After eating, she then returned to her bedroom.

Nancy finished her daily gardening work before she went into the house and passed by Leila's room. She was annoyed that Leila still hadn't left Dream Garden. In a low but angry voice, she grumbled, "How much longer does she intend to stay here? I just hope Sheryl and the kids can come back as soon as possible."

Nancy missed them so much. Even though a servant, Nancy had been treated like a family member by Sheryl; besides, she enjoyed taking care of the kids. With them gone, Nancy felt like the Dream Garden was no longer her home.

Back in the hospital, things were looking up.

Cassie had fully recovered from her long coma, and she could even act normal enough to continue with her duties. Having been away from her job for so long, she kind of missed the role she played as a nurse, and of course her uniform.

While her mind kept spinning, she shook her head as the downside of her job struck her. She wondered whether she suffered masochism because her job had always taken too much time and energy from her. She remembered how exhausted she was every day she got off duty. She had missed the job so much, but the downside hit her again very quickly.

"Cassie, your boyfriend has arrived. So, you are going out on a date tonight? You should go now. Let me take it from here, and I'll change that infusion for you!" Cora beamed and took the infusion bottle out of Cassie's hand.

Cassie was a little bashful. She heard the trace of teasing from Cora's tone, so she pursed her lips and gave Cora a gentle punch, to tease her back playfully.

"Well, thanks, Cora!" Cassie hurried off and ran all the way to the gate to meet Nick.

Nick had intended to get out of his car and wait for Cassie in her office, but after a second thought, he gave up that idea and waited at the entrance. He didn't want to distract Cassie, nor mess up her concentration. He didn't tell Cassie that he had arrived until the end of her shift when he asked Cora to convey the message. Before Cassie ran out to Nick, Nick began to feel a little embarrassed for having been waiting at the entrance in his car.

"What are you doing here?" Cassie finally appeared in front of Nick and she was breathless.

Nick poked his head through the car window. He kissed Cassie on her forehead as she bent close to the window to greet him. With a smile, he said, "I missed you so much. Here is what I got for you. I've been so worried about your hearth, so I hope that these special nutritive products can help you recover better!"

"I will take them. You shouldn't work too hard, either, though. Today I worked the day shift


As she continued to ponder over Sheryl's reaction, her furious mood turned into a curious one instead. 'How can Sheryl be so calm? Isn't she afraid at all?' Melissa couldn't help but ask herself as she looked at Sheryl's impassive face.

"You must leave now! I don't want you here, and I don't want you to come here again!" Melissa shouted again. She pointed her finger to the doorway, gesturing for Sheryl to leave right away.

Not wanting to argue with Melissa in the hospital, Sheryl surrendered at last. Turning, she was about to head out the door.

Right in that moment, at the doorway, she turned back and shot a last glance at Charles, praying that he would soon wake up.

"What are you looking at? Get out of here, right now!" Melissa tensed as she saw that Sheryl had suddenly turned. Running out of patience, she didn't want to waste any more time. Melissa quickened her pace as she approached Sheryl. Without thinking she gave Sheryl a hard push, and then closed the door, blocking Sheryl from seeing Charles any further.

Taken by surprise, Sheryl stumbled a few steps back and was almost fell. With much effort, she tried to steady her feet.

"Sher, are you okay?" Cassie happened to pass by from the next-door ward. Seeing Sheryl was being pushed outside, Cassie grew concerned. She immediately charged in to steady her and keep her from falling to the ground.

So as to prevent Cassie from worrying, Sheryl forced a smile and then replied, "I'm fine. My mother-in-law just wanted me to leave the room."

"Okay, then...Sher, you should go and get some rest. I'm here to keep an eye on Charles. If there are any new developments with him, you will be the first one to be informed." Cassie could read that Sheryl's heart must have been torn at the shameful act of her mother-in-law, even though there were no outward traces of distress to be detected on her face.

"Okay, I am going now! Remember to call me if there is any news!" Sheryl left the hospital, utterly exhausted.

Once she stepped outside, she failed to contain the sorrow and distress in her heart. In a flash, tears welled up and flowed down her cheeks in great torrents!

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