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   Chapter 1630 Bernard's Intent To Kill Ferry

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 10173

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Rachel hadn't expected things to go so smoothly. There was only one step left. Rachel would have successfully executed her plan once Ferry drank the glass of wine she prepared for him. From here on, she and Bernard would have one less enemy to worry about.

Rachel was shaking with excitement! So much so that the glass of wine she was holding almost spilled.

Rachel needed to allay Ferry's suspicions, if he had any, so she turned towards him. She looped her arm around his as they drank the wine.

Ferry began to get aroused again. He set aside the glass and pulled Rachel towards him so that she was pressed against his chest. He wanted to continue what they hadn't finished earlier.

Rachel wasn't in the mood, so she struggled to free herself from his grip. She leered at him and said, "I should really take a shower first."

"Oh, come on! Let's shower together then!" Ferry followed Rachel as she went to the bathroom.

Rachel wasn't interested in sleeping with him; however, she had no choice now but to ride it out. After all, Ferry wasn't going to last long since she'd just poisoned him.

The poison that Rachel gave Ferry was strong and notoriously deadly. Once it was ingested, it wouldn't take very long for the blood to flow up to his brain and cause his death. She couldn't wait to see it happen to Ferry.

As Rachel waited for the poison to kick in, she had to pretend that she wanted to sleep with Ferry. She decided to postpone intimacy with him by giving him a strip show. She took off her clothes slowly until she only had her underwear on. Suddenly, she started to feel a burning sensation throughout her body, and then her head started to throb. She didn't know what was happening, but she tried to shake it off, trying to convince herself that it was all in her head. In the end, she only got worse.

Ferry could see that Rachel was starting to feel weak. He smirked as he spoke, his tone arrogant, "I knew what you were trying to do. Did you really think I'd fall for your cheap plot?"

Rachel was dumbfounded upon hearing this. She couldn't believe that Ferry had known all along what her intentions were. It was a bitter truth she had to swallow, that Ferry had seen right through her.

"How did you know? How…" Rachel felt so weak, and her body was starting to feel like it had turned into jelly. She tried to calm herself and tried to keep herself from falling to the floor.

Ferry enjoyed watching Rachel struggle in silence. As he watched Rachel contort in pain, he knew then that he had gotten her—there was no way out for her now. Then he lifted her and carried her from the bathroom. As he walked to the bedroom, he sneered, "You failed because you weren't careful enough. Don't you know that I'm a very cautious man?"

Rachel was too weak to respond. Then Ferry continued, "Besides, I'm ruthless. I'm used to killing people. It's second nature to me."

These words pierced into Rachel's heart like a sharp dagger. She was terrified! She now understood why Bernard always warned her to be c

eady to go to Ferry's place.

At Ferry's villa

A man in a black suit quickened his pace as he approached Ferry. Then he said, "Boss, there's a man who's trying to get through the gate. He says he's here to see you."

Ferry smiled. He didn't respond; instead, he gestured as an order to allow the man to enter. He knew it was Bernard.

So they let Bernard in.

Ferry could still remember the last time Bernard had ambushed him in his villa. He guessed that Bernard was here to do the same thing. He never took Bernard seriously. To him, Bernard didn't stand a chance against him, so he wasn't too bothered by him. However, this time, he was tired of playing with Bernard, so he thought to give him one final warning.

Bernard didn't really find it suspicious that Ferry just let him in so easily. His mind was too preoccupied with one thought: killing Ferry.

"I can't believe you're here to ambush me again! What's this for? Is this about Rachel? Rachel, that stupid cow?" Ferry glared at Bernard. He made sure that he sounded as if he couldn't care less about Bernard. To him, Bernard and Rachel were equally stupid. Even though it was obvious that Bernard was here to kill him, he just reclined lazily on the sofa, unperturbed.

"To hell with you! I'm killing you!" Bernard didn't want to waste any more time talking. Ferry had only enraged him further with the way he insulted Rachel to his face.

Behind his back, Bernard carried a knife with him, ready to stick it into Ferry's chest straight to his black heart.

Still unfazed, Ferry waited until Bernard came closer.

Suddenly, Ferry's bodyguards appeared blocking Bernard's way.

These guys appeared tough and ruthless. In less than one minute, Bernard was beaten to a pulp and lay gasping on the ground. One of them even stomped on Bernard's head with his foot.

Glaring at Bernard, Ferry stood up and approached him. He kicked Bernard's head ruthlessly then he said, "Tell me, who hired you to come after me? Tell me, and I'll spare your life."

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