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   Chapter 1629 Wait For Me

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Rachel secretly entered a dark room that belonged to Bernard. Most of the time, he didn't allow her to enter that room.

In fact, she had wanted to go in to look in the room for a long time, but because Bernard didn't permit it, she had never entered that room.

Bernard was not at home today, so Rachel's curiosity urged her to go and explore the forbidden dark room.

She had found a master key that could unlock every room in the villa. With it, Rachel managed to open the door easily.

After going in, Rachel found that the room contained all the information Bernard had collected about Ferry.

Rachel finally knew what kind of person Ferry was after reading all the documents in there.

No wonder Tom didn't dare to openly challenge Ferry. Rachel felt a chill run through her body. She felt awful as if she was frozen solid.

After a long while, Rachel finally went downstairs.

Ferry's appearance in the pictures was sealed into her brain. As long as she closed her eyes, she could see his face.

Rachel almost thought that she was going crazy under the intense torture of her thoughts. Why did she decide to read the files?

She knew that if she hadn't found the information, she wouldn't be so scared.

In the afternoon, after thinking it over for three hours, Rachel decided to take action on her own.

According to Bernard's notes, Ferry frequented a certain bar at ten o'clock every night. Rachel bit her lip and thought for a long while before mumbling to herself, "I am just going to try my luck. If I can find Ferry, I will try to poison him!"

This thought comforted her a little. It was easier to take action than to sit and wait.

Rachel was numb when she walked out of the villa. She drove all the way to the bar where Ferry frequently drank before she came to her senses.

She felt restless and scared but clutched her chest, trying her best to calm down. 'Rachel, what are you going to do? Can you really kill Ferry?'

Of course, nobody answered the questions that Rachel asked herself.

She knew that once she got there, she would have to do something. She would always be on tenterhooks if she just went home and did nothing.

While thinking, Rachel got out of the car and walked into the bar.

The noisy music in the bar seeme

will wait for you."

"Okay, wait here for me!" Ferry flashed an evil leering smile at Rachel and then went into the bathroom.

Hearing the water rushing from inside the washroom, Rachel dropped the facade and quickly found a bottle of wine. After she had opened the bottle, Ferry still hadn't come out. She decanted the poison which she had prepared into the wine at that point.

With the poisoned wine prepared, Rachel felt scared, and her breathing became fast and shallow again. She took several deep breaths to steady herself for what needed to be done.

She didn't even notice when Ferry came back out.

Rachel was sitting on the bedside blankly when Ferry came and hugged her from behind. She trembled, but she knew that she couldn't show any trace of her intention yet.

The panic on her face quickly disappeared and was replaced by determination. Then, she donned the disguised expression of a lustful woman. Lightly slapping his chest, she said, "You are so bad."

Rachel's words made Ferry want her even more.

"Are you anxious after waiting for such a long time?" After saying that, Ferry prepared to lay Rachel down, but unexpectedly, she stopped him again.

Ferry gave a slightly annoyed smile and looked at Rachel, maintaining his composure.

"How about having another drink?" Rachel pointed to the wine that was standing on the nightstand not far away and then continued to sensually rub Ferry's chest with her fingers.

Ferry curled his lips and agreed to it in order to placate her.

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