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   Chapter 1627 I Will Be With Him

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'Why on earth is that strange and horrible man here?' Sheryl thought to herself.

Disbelief was written across Sheryl's face. It was not the first time Ferry had directly appeared in front of her.

Escape quickly came to her mind. Automatically, her body turned around and started walking in the opposite direction. However, Ferry caught up with her and grabbed her arm. She had no choice but to stop.

"Why are you in such a hurry? Pretending not to know me? Again?" Ferry asked sneeringly.

Upon hearing Ferry's voice, Sheryl found it hard to breathe. She was so nervous that not even a sound came out of her mouth. All she could do was to try and remove his hand from her arm so that she could get away from him. Unfortunately, after several attempts, she still had no luck.

Finally accepting defeat, Sheryl faced Ferry. "What do you want?! Do you want the whole world to know that I feel threatened by your presence?!" Sheryl asked angrily. Her anger was not only directed at him but also herself. Since she had not expected to see him, she felt angry about not being ready to face him.

"If you are so afraid to be seen with me, then why don't you listen to me and do as I say?" Ferry countered, his voice devoid of any emotion.

For the first time that day, Sheryl was utterly speechless. 'His so-called listening to him and doing what he said was to divorce Charles and become his mistress! But that's not even a remote possibility!' Sheryl thought.

Silence reigned between them. When Sheryl didn't reply, Ferry took the direct approach. "Why haven't you divorced Charles yet?"

Once again, Sheryl felt her anger surface. "Charles is now in the hospital, in a coma. Whether I divorce him or not doesn't make any difference."

Ferry laughed. He understood. He knew that Sheryl was right.

Moving closer to her, Ferry whispered to her, "All right, then. All I have to do is wait for someone to tell me the good news of his death. Right?"

"How dare you say that?!" Sheryl suddenly screamed. Her voice was so loud that passersby started to look at them. Overwhelmed by emotion, her body started shaking. She was so angry. 'He's a devil! No one in his right mind will wish something so bad to his fellow man. How could he wish for Charles' death in my face?!' Sheryl thought, stunned.

"I'm not joking," Ferry answered unemotionally. "You'd better pray for Charles to never wake up." Seeing how mad Sheryl was, Ferry simply continued threatening her.

"What do you want? I don't understand what else you could want since you are already blessed with so many fortunes. So what on earth do you still want with me?!" Sheryl asked shakily. She really didn't know what Ferry actually wanted. 'If he wants me to divorce Charles, t

door was closed, Holley threw herself onto the couch and regretted all the things she had done for Ferry.

'Why! Why did I believe this man! Who put a spell on me to believe this jerk? Though there is a saying that you have to go through a lot of jerks before you find the happiness of your life, why can't I get rid of this particular jerk?' Holley thought bitterly.

After a few moments of contemplation, she got up and decided to ask Leila out to talk about their latest task.

Meanwhile, Leila was with Melissa at the hospital. When her phone rang, she looked at the caller id. She answered the phone unhappily and said, "Why are you calling me at this hour?"

"I have something urgent. I need to see you right now!" Holley immediately answered Leila.

Looking at Melissa beside her, Leila noticed that Melissa was sleeping. Since Melissa didn't see her answer the phone, she felt somewhat relieved.

"Okay. I'll see you at the cafe behind the hospital in half an hour," Leila said quickly and hung up the phone. She didn't want Melissa to see her on the phone talking with someone.

After hanging up, she waited for a few more minutes to make sure Melissa was napping. Then, she gently shook Melissa by the shoulder.

"What? Did I fall asleep?" Melissa asked Leila as she woke up.

Smiling, Leila said, "Aunt Melissa, because you were so tired, you fell asleep. How about you go back home and get some rest? I will stay here with Charles."

"Alright, then. I'm really too tired," Melissa said. She stood up and did some stretches. Afterward, she went through some details on how to look after Charles. Then, she left for home.

A few minutes after Melissa left, Leila went to the cafe in a hurry.

That moment, Holley was also headed to the cafe.

So, they arrived at the cafe at almost the same time.

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