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   Chapter 1626 Something That Was Worth Celebrating

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Leila and Melissa were feeling wickedly gleeful back in the hospital.

Leila couldn't help but grin from ear to ear as she looked at the comments online. "Aunt Melissa, did you see these? There is more news about Sheryl on the Internet. It seems that not only the paparazzi are reporting this, some passersby who were at the scene yesterday also posted some videos online."

Leila had been worried that the news wasn't scandalous enough to destroy Sheryl. It seemed that her worry was unnecessary. Things had gotten out of her control. 'I never knew how powerful the Internet is!' Leila thought to herself.

Upon hearing what Leila said, Melissa walked over to her. She bent down and looked at Leila's cell phone.

Leila scrolled down on the screen and looked at the comments. "Sheryl is a slut. I mean, what kind of woman would cheat on Charles? Charles is so brilliant and attractive. There are numerous women out there who want to be with Charles. Despite that, Sheryl doesn't treasure Charles at all and cheats on him!"

"I guess the only reason that Sheryl married Charles is that she is in love with his money. Now that Charles is in a coma, she can finally do whatever she wants."

These comments made Melissa burst into laughter. She was more excited than Leila.

"Well, Sheryl can run, but she can't ever hide again. After all the things she has done, it was just a matter of time before people find out about this. She really deserves all the hatred," Melissa said coldly as she pointed her finger at Sheryl's image on the video.

People would think that Sheryl was Melissa's enemy rather than her daughter-in-law if they saw the disdain and hatred on Melissa's face. It was obvious that she hated Sheryl, even if one didn't know about the relationship between Melissa and Sheryl.

Leila nodded her head at Melissa. She was glad that her efforts weren't all in vain.

While Melissa and Leila were excited about the news, someone was upset about it. Nick saw the video too. His brows furrowed as he expressed his concern to Cassie. He liked to talk to her even though she was still in a coma. "Cassie, do you know about this? Someone is trying to defame Sher again. Honestly, I don't know what they are thinking. What happens in the Lu family has nothing to do with them. Why are they so interested in it, and why would they even film and post such a video online?!"

Nick pounded his fist on the table, but he dared not do it too harshly. He was afraid that he would wake Cassie up.

Nick realized what he was doing after he carefully removed his hand, and regretted his actions. He smiled bitterly and continued, "Cassie, I can't wake you up, can I? You can't even hear me..."

Nick wished that Cassie could be woken up by something as simple as pounding on the table. The reality was too cruel. Nick was so considerate and thoughtful that he dared not make a noise even though he

"President Xia, I'm meeting my boyfriend's parents today!" Phoebe explained to Sheryl shyly, biting her lip.

Sheryl congratulated Phoebe and felt happy for her.

Everyone was depressed because of Sheryl and what had happened recently. Sheryl knew that she shouldn't take her angst out on her colleagues, but she couldn't control herself. She was really happy for Phoebe despite all that had happened. Finally, there was one thing that could cheer Sheryl up and was worth celebrating.

Sheryl waved her hand and gestured for Phoebe to come to her desk. She opened one of her drawers as she said to Phoebe, "Phoebe, you know a lot is going on in the Lu family recently. I haven't prepared a gift for you, but I have this for you. I hope you have a wonderful night!"

Sheryl took out an expensive necklace.

When she saw the necklace, Phoebe shook her head immediately. She declined Sheryl's offer, saying, "No, President Xia, this is too expensive. I can't accept it."

"You've helped me a lot in the past few years, so you've earned this. Please, take it, Phoebe. You're going to be late, so you'd better hurry. I hope that it can help you leave a good impression on your future in-laws." Sheryl urged Phoebe to accept the gift and leave.

Phoebe was moved. She nodded at Sheryl and rushed out of the Cloud Advertising Company building.

Sheryl also went home after everyone in the office was gone. She didn't go to the hospital, because she knew that it would be better for her to stay at home after what had happened at the hospital before.

Sheryl hadn't driven her car to the company today, so she decided to walk home.

She lowered her head as she walked and accidentally bumped into someone.

"Sorry, I wasn't paying attention." Sheryl felt pain from the impact on her head, but she apologized immediately because she knew she was at fault.

She then lifted her head and saw who it was that she had bumped into.

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