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   Chapter 1625 Charles’ Nominal Wife

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On the other hand, the special nurse had witnessed Sheryl visiting her husband every night, which made her curious for the first few days, but eventually she got used to it.

Seeing Sheryl shedding tears as she was looking at Charles through the glass window, the nurse came over and comforted her. "Please, calm down, Ms. Xia. Mr. Lu is getting better. I'm not saying this just to ease your worry, but I check his physical parameters every day. He's doing great, and I believe that he will be waking up soon."

"Really? Oh, thank God!" Sheryl exclaimed in a low voice as she didn't want to bother others in the hospital. The gloomy expression on her face was gone with the help of the nurse's words. She held the nurse's hands and her eyes lit up like daylight.

The nurse was taken aback by Sheryl's sweet gesture as she had just said what she was supposed to say as her husband's nurse. She didn't expect any such touching reactions. She spared an embarrassing smile and said, "I'm serious. Please, be patient, Ms. Xia. I've got to go now. I need to change the dressing on his wound." The nurse patted the back of Sheryl's hand and then reclaimed her hand from Sheryl's grasp.

"Oh, please excuse me for my rudeness. Thank you for your kind and comforting words," Sheryl hurriedly apologized.

She felt like she was on cloud nine even after the nurse had left for a while. The feeling of recovering what one had previously lost was too hard to describe for her. She was impatient to see Charles open his eyes again and rekindle their past love.

Sheryl watched the nurse head inside the intensive care unit to redress Charles' wound. She held her breath and her eyes fixated attentively on the nurse's movements. For a moment, she wished she was the nurse so she could touch his face with her fingers. She suddenly smiled ridiculously, realizing her fantasy. She should appreciate that she could see him every day as she pleased.

Time passed, and Sheryl spent the entire night at the hospital.

When Sheryl woke up on the couch, the sun was already shining outside. The nurses and doctors had long ago started their day; while she was still fast asleep. Her body was so sore from sleeping in the wrong position, and she had to stretch now and then before lifting her arms to comb her hair with her fingers. Hardly had she sat straight than Melissa's voice reached her ears.

"What are you doing here?"

Melissa was having a chat with Leila as they walked in, but she spotted Sheryl's familiar figure. The smile on her face froze in an instant, and she couldn't control her temper, although it was still early on a supposedly good morning.

Sheryl just took her time and continued to tidy herself a little. Once she was ready to leave, she didn't take the trouble to cast even the smallest glance at them.

"What are you hurrying for? Are you scared of seeing me? Why do you bother to show up here over and over again? Don't you feel guilty?" Melissa started to sound hysterical as she snapped aggressively at Sheryl. Then she stopped right in front of Sheryl, preventing her from taking another step out of the situation.

Sheryl sighed hopelessly to herself. It was obvious that she had to say something, although she hadn't been prepared to encounter her mother-in-law. She then looked back quietly at Melissa and explained, "Mother, I'm here because Charles is here. He's my lawful husband. Besides, I don't think there is anything that can scare me away."

"Aha, it seems that someone doesn't know what she has done to actually show herself here. How ridiculous!" Leila sneered, crossed her arms in front of her chest and leaned against the wall near the door.

Sheryl's heart was sinking. Although she had no idea what they were talking about, she could clearly see that it must be something unfavorable to her.

s, my dear friend!"

However, Sheryl shook her head with an unconvinced smile and countered, "You're in the wrong place, my dear."

"I don't care. You know what I'm talking about. I'll take them to the bitter end this time. You need to listen to me, please! This fight will be endless if you're reluctant to act on it!" Isla stared into Sheryl's eyes, trying to win her friend by showing angst. It seemed that Isla was determined to make them pay, and planned to fight a good fight for Sheryl.

"Listen, I understand that you're putting yourself in my shoes, Isla. But Charles is the only one on my mind now. I hope that he will wake up as soon as possible. If they want to gossip, let them do so. It won't make me bleed either way. I don't care about what they say. I only care about the feelings of the people who are dear to me!" Sheryl explained, attempting to talk Isla off her idea of attack.

Isla opened her mouth wide, ready to yell her thoughts and contradict Sheryl, but no words came out. She sat back and turned her head away from Sheryl, feeling frustrated and panting with rage.

Sheryl also kept silent. She bit her lips, afraid that what she would say next would hurt Isla's feelings. She hoped that her best friend would agree with her and respect her decisions. Also, in the meantime, she didn't feel that creating more troubles would help her situation.

Time passed by without them realizing it. About an hour later, Isla finally began to lose her cool. She knocked on the table to interrupt Sheryl who was focusing on the business documents and said, "You win. It's your decision to make anyway. But, please, keep this in your mind. I'll always be here for you. I will try my best to help you, no matter what happens, so please, keep me updated!"

"I will, Isla. I am really grateful for all of your help. It's so nice to have you around. As long as you're here, I won't fear unexpected blows coming my way!" Sheryl promised her friend as she lightly tapped on her own chest, pretending to be serious and sincere.

Isla was amused by her friend's gesture, but finally, she was convinced and decided to calm down. She sighed and hoped for Sheryl's peace of mind.

The two good friends then burst into laughter, exclaiming that they were lucky to have each other. Isla stayed in Sheryl's office until noon and then dragged her friend to lunch, worrying that Sheryl's appetite was affected by the spreading rumors.

Sheryl had to go with her thoughtful friend, although she was indeed not in the mood to have anything to eat.

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