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   Chapter 1624 Sheryl’s Provoking

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Melissa didn't have a clue as to what Leila was up to at this moment. If she knew it, she would have knocked her head against a brick wall. She thought it would be better if Leila could keep an eye on Charles' company. In doing so, Leila would keep her updated with the progress. Not even in her wildest dreams would she have thought that Leila could be such an ungrateful woman.

On the other hand, Leila was getting more and more anxious because of not being able to work at the Shining Company. Charles was in a coma, and no one knew how long it would take him to wake up again. But now, much to her surprise, Melissa solved her problem by giving her the responsibility to take care of the company.

"But Aunt Melissa, isn't it too early for me to show up at the company? I am afraid the employees won't take me seriously. They could turn a blind eye to my presence," Leila spoke, feigning anxiety. With worried eyes, she glanced at Melissa for a reply.

Melissa didn't utter a word. She merely looked back at Leila with a triumphing smile on her face.

Of course, Melissa had thought of this problem beforehand. She wasn't concerned since she had a solution to this dilemma.

"Thank you, Aunt Melissa, for everything! You're so nice to me," Leila shouted and gave Melissa a bear hug.

Melissa patted her on the back and broke into a smile. "You shouldn't thank me, Leila. I've always treated you like family. I hope my dreams will come true; as soon as my son recovers. So you'd better invest some effort and time to learn how to run the company. I wish for you to share Charles' responsibilities shortly."

"I'll try my best, Aunt Melissa," Leila promised, and a hint of pink appeared on her cheeks. She thought that Melissa was implying that she would get married to Charles. This thought brought a feeling of elation to her mind.

As the thought persisted, Leila's smile grew wider. Melissa, on the other hand, was content to see Leila's happiness. The more time she spent time with her, the better she liked Leila. While the mere sight of Sheryl was enough to put Melissa in a sore mood. 'How I wish Leila was my daughter-in-law, instead of that wretched Sheryl!' Melissa thought to herself.

At that moment, Sheryl reached home after leaving the hospital.

Charles' accident, her own poor health, and then Cassie's suspicious accident had kept her occupied. She didn't have time for anything else. And to make things worse, her company required her attention too. She missed Clark and Shirley hence she had decided to spend tonight with them. 'The kids must be missing me too, ' she thought with a forlorn face.

When she entered the living room, it was as quiet as still water. Without any further inspection, she had a hunch that no one was home. A puzzled look appeared on her face when she thought about Joan. 'Ah! Joan must have gone to pick up the kids, ' she thought, glancing at her watch.

She put her purse down and changed her clothes. In this quietness, an idea popped into her mind like a silver dagger. Only a few minutes ago, she was thinking about how to make her kids happy. And now she realized that she could make some delicious dessert to keep them happy. She clapped her hands excitedly and made her way to the kitchen. Sheryl might not be a chef, but baking cookies was something she had a penchant for.

Besides, the kids had already had their supper at the kindergarten. So she knew cookies were better than a formal banquet, especially for her little daughter

It was quite late by the time that both Clark and Shirley had finished their work. Sheryl took them for a bath before putting them into bed.

For half an hour, she read them a couple of bedtime stories. Patiently, she sat there until they fell asleep. Once she was certain they had dozed off, she glanced at the clock and found it was already time for her to go to the hospital. She came to Joan's room to inform her before she left the house.

It was nearly ten o'clock when Sheryl got there.

On the other hand, Melissa and Leila decided to leave the hospital when the special nurse they hired arrived.

Sheryl had spotted them when she was waiting for the elevator. But she moved a few steps away and turned around because she wanted to avoid unnecessary troubles.

She then took the elevator to the floor where Charles' ward was located, and watched him through the glass window.

Every night, she came here after Melissa and Leila had left. It broke her heart to watch him lie there, motionlessly. If it wasn't for the rhythmical movements of his nostrils, people would have undoubtedly assumed that he was a dummy.

Sheryl put her hands on the glass and watched him without blinking her eyes. The quietness around her made her feel secure, in spite of the situation.

Earlier, she ran into Melissa when she was here. Melissa would often make a sarcastic remark and warn her against showing up next time. She didn't care what Melissa thought, but she couldn't handle the extra drama. Since then, she chose to come here when they were gone.

Charles looked better than before. Sheryl had talked with the doctor, and he had told her that Charles would be transferred to a normal ward tomorrow. Her eyes were moistened by this news. "He is doing well and getting better," the doctor had said. These words gave her hope. Sheryl couldn't wait to see Charles in his former glory.

She spread her fingers against the glass and murmured, "Please, wake up, Charles. I'm going to go out with Lewis if you choose to keep on sleeping. I mean it!"

She was trying to provoke Charles. He had both her heart and soul. Lewis's name was merely an excuse to agitate him. She hadn't thought about Lewis even once. She believed Charles could hear her, and these threats might bring him back. 'How stupid am I!' she thought to herself.

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