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   Chapter 1623 Things Would Go Smoothly

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Cora knew that she had to control herself, so she stopped Nick. She then said to Leila, "This is your last warning! You'd better behave yourself. If you don't cut the crap, then I'll make sure you never leave the hospital!"

Leila cast a negligent glanced at Cora when she heard her warning. She didn't believe that a nurse would use her expertise to harm a person as she had threatened. The only explanation was that they were pissed off and were making empty threats. When this thought occurred to her, she felt relieved and laughed out loud. "Ask the police to take me if you can. Now, are you really threatening me?"

"Yes, we are. Leila, you'd better realize that if you keep provoking us, we will tell Charles what you have done. Which side do you think he will take—yours or ours?" Nick immediately understood Cora's intentions when he met her gaze. Instead of being angry with Leila, they had decided to irritate her and try to scare her off.

Leila narrowed her eyes. She knew that Charles would, in all likelihood, believe what they said. Their threat almost succeeded in scaring her. Then, she thought that the next few days would be the worst days ever for Sheryl and her friends, so Leila realized there was nothing she should be worried about.

As long as she could make Sheryl become less important to Charles, then nothing would be able to bother her.

"Okay, I'll be waiting for that then. Do you really think you can make Charles disbelieve me? Because I'm confident he will be on my side!" Leila looked calm. Obviously, Cora's threat hadn't worked.

Cora couldn't believe it. How could Leila be so confident and not worried about them at all?

"Good, let's wait and see then!" Nick said, and grabbing Cora's hand made to leave.

Although it hadn't worked out like they had meant it to, Nick knew that Leila would restrain herself and not dare to go near Cassie for a while at least.

After they had left, the smile on Leila's face suddenly disappeared.

She knew that if she failed to ensure Cassie stayed in a coma forever, she wouldn't have any other choices to cover up what she had done. All she could do was pray that Cassie would never wake up.

Soon after that, Melissa and Nancy showed up.

It was Nancy's

g Company at a time like this. She would never let go of such a wonderful opportunity.

"Aunt Melissa, since Charles is still in coma, what will happen to the company? I'm so worried about that." Leila then sighed helplessly, and she looked so worried. She made herself appear as if she was worried that the Shining Company was going to become Sheryl's.

"I just remembered that Sheryl is his successor. So, what should we do?" Melissa grabbed Leila's hand nervously. She didn't know what to do.

Leila pretended to think. After a long while, she seemed to think of an idea and wanted to speak but stopped instead.

"Any ideas?" Melissa stared anxiously into Leila's eyes. She didn't want Leila to lie to her.

Leila seized the moment and took a deep breath. "Aunt Melissa, if you trust me, then let me work for the company. That's the only thing I can think of to help manage the situation."

"Yes, you're right. I had already told Charles to hire you, as his secretary, and he agreed with that. It just didn't take effect yet, because the accident happened. I think it's the right time now, though. It will give me some peace of mind if you work for the company." Melissa was elated by Leila's suggestion. The problem was solved, and now she looked delighted.

"I think so too. Aunt Melissa, as long as you trust me, I won't let you down!" Leila looked at Melissa and smiled.

Leila believed that, if she worked in the Shining Company, her plans would go more smoothly in the future.

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