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   Chapter 1622 Cora Got Irritated

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What Leila was suggesting was no different from Holley's idea. Setting up Sheryl had been Holley's goal for so long.

Instead of wasting time listening to Leila's unoriginal proposal, Holley directed her attention to something more important.

She thought about Ferry's call. Ferry had asked whether she could help him steal some confidential documents from Shining Company. He promised her that if she was able to do it, he'd write off all scores between them. However, Holley didn't really believe Ferry.

"Holley, are you even listening to me?" Leila asked angrily. She'd been talking for so long, and Holley hadn't said a word, not even an 'um' to acknowledge what she was saying!

She couldn't help but feel annoyed.

"I heard you. Going with cyber-bullying Sheryl again? Do you think this is going to work again?" Despite her mind being far off, Holley still knew what Leila had said to her.

"Just help me with this plan! Help me look for hackers. I need to defeat Sheryl once and for all!" Leila swore. She clenched her fists to show how determined she was.

"All right! I get it! Is there anything else you want to say? Because I have to go." Holley hung up before Leila could even respond. She figured Black must have gone to his office to wait for her.

Heading to Black's office, Holley found that he had already eaten dinner. When Holley got there, his face lit up, and he asked if she would stay.

Black looked excited; however, to his dismay, Holley didn't seem to feel the same. She forced an awkward smile when she replied, "I already made plans with Leila for tonight. We're going shopping together and you really don't have to come!"

"I think I should go with you! Why not? I'd like to do some shopping myself," Black insisted.

Holley didn't know what to say. She was a bit annoyed at Black's persistence.

She just wanted Black to take the hint that she was giving him, just this once. She was pretty clear on what she wanted, but he still didn't seem to understand.

She forced a small laugh. "Leila and I will be fine! Besides, I don't think it looks good for two girls to be shopping, while some man follows them from behind. It's fine, you can go home and rest. I'll call you when I get home, okay?" This was the only way Holley could think of that would both reject Black and at the same time, not anger him. It worked because Black gave in.

Holley was able to reject Black's request sweetly.

Thoughtful as Black ever was, he didn't leave until he'd dropped Holley off at her meeting place with Leila.

She watched as Black got into his car, and waited until the car had disappeared into the distance. Only then


"I'm going to look for her right now! We need to settle this. How dare she come in here, threatening Cassie's life? Didn't she know that I'm here?" Cora was infuriated. She rolled up her sleeves as she spoke. She was preparing for a fight as she headed to the ICU.

Nick didn't plan on stopping her because he felt the same way. If he could, he'd lock Leila up in jail!

Shortly after, Nick and Cora looked for Leila so they could confront her.

Leila wasn't surprised. Earlier when she got caught in Cassie's room, she'd already prepared herself for this confrontation. She braced herself as she'd already planned on what to say so she didn't need to worry anymore.

Seeing the anger on both Nick and Cora's faces, Leila managed to remain calm. She folded her arms across her chest as she asked, "So what are you doing here? Are you here for Charles? He's doing fine."

"Leila, you're a horrible person! Why would you sneak inside Cassie's room when you knew I wasn't there? What were you going to do?" Cora blurted out.

Cora trembled in fear as she recalled the moment she caught Leila. If she'd been just a second late, she didn't even want to think what would have happened to Cassie. She cursed herself for being so careless, but she also despised Leila even more for being so cunning.

"Weren't you at Cassie's room earlier? Didn't I already tell you what I was doing?" Leila sneered.

Cora didn't know what to say upon hearing how arrogant Leila was. She was taken aback by her confidence.

"Leila, stop acting like we're fools! We know what you were going to do! I'm warning you, stay the hell away from Cassie. If you go anywhere near her again, I'll make your life a living hell," Nick barked. He was running out of patience with Leila.

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