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   Chapter 1620 Leila's Exultation

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Too angry to contain her feelings, Melissa had lost her temper and kept grumbling about things. Standing to the side, Leila was confused, but she still tried to remain patient and closely listen to Melissa's complaints.

Having a general understanding of where Melissa's anger came from, Leila silently held her hand and gave her a gentle nudge on the shoulder. With a sympathetic look, Leila said, "Auntie, don't be so angry! It's bad for your health! We can't let Sheryl have her way!"

Leila's words brought some relief and reflection to Melissa. At once, Melissa stopped crying and raised her eyes toward Leila. She agreed with her but still felt very resentful. She spoke angrily, saying, "Leila, you don't know how that bitch has humiliated me with her new boyfriend! I am so pissed off!"

"Auntie, take it easy! Are you talking about when Sheryl and Lewis were in the hospital earlier?" Leila asked, and her eyebrows creased. Leila had tensed up when she heard what Melissa had said.

"It's more than that! That bastard even dared to treat me with violence. How can I just calm down?" Melissa yelled in rage. She was so emotional that her voice trembled.

Leila helped Melissa sit down in one of the chairs before speaking again. "Auntie, don't you see? Now Sheryl even has the nerve to find new love while Charles is still in a coma. Isn't it clear that she has lost her love for Charles! Besides, I see it as evidence that we can use against Sheryl."

Dumbstruck by Leila's idea, Melissa thought about it for a while, before nodding her head in agreement.

She asked, with curiosity twinkling in her eyes, "Leila, what do you think we should do next?"

Leila touched her chin as she thought deeply. Then she answered calmly, "Why don't we post what happened when you saw Sheryl today on the internet? It will be big news!"

"Good idea! I'm sure that it will work! Leila, I entrust you with this task! You will make it happen no matter what, right?" Melissa admired Leila's brilliance, and she was inclined to trust in her capability. Therefore, she put all her hopes on Leila.

Leila couldn't be more delighted. In her eyes, earning Melissa's trust could tighten the alliance between them. Nodding her head eagerly, Leila replied, "Rest assured! Sheryl's happiness won't last too long! She is going to suffer for what she has done! Her marriage with Charles will soon be over!"

Leila stared at Melissa with a firm look. The anger and sullenness in Melissa's mind were all dispelled the moment she looked into Leila's eyes.

Then she averted her attention to the tiny bruises all over her body. In fact, the bruises didn't really hurt at all, but after the conversation with Leila, Melissa thought that she should take advantage of that. She would use it as leverage to put more weight of blame on Sheryl. She decided to go to the doctor and get a medical certificate about her injuries.

Melissa pretended to be weak and constantly uttered faked coughs and grumbled about her pains on the way to the consulting room. She made it look as if she was badly wounded.

After a brief check, the doctor on duty didn't take her injurie

always ruin everything! Your bad temper will only lead you to your death one day! Even at this moment, you dared to stir up a quarrel in the hospital! I really have no idea what is going on in your goddamn mind!'

Leila couldn't have more contempt for Melissa if she tried, but she kept her rude thoughts to herself.

On the outside, Leila put on a sweet smile. She patted Melissa on the back and comforted her. "Auntie, nowadays the young are all reckless, and they lack manners. You don't have to take them so seriously. Now that we have thought up a plan to set Sheryl up, shouldn't we cheer for that?"

Melissa's mood brightened considerably when she heard Leila's words. She echoed her, saying, "You are right! We should cheer for that! Why should I be distressed?"

She immediately nodded her head, showing her agreement.

"So, you should stop being so angry. I think that you should go home and get some rest. I will stay here to take care of Charles." Leila was tired of Melissa's stupidity. She was just making an excuse to drive Melissa out of the room.

Melissa was very satisfied with Leila's thoughtfulness. She stretched herself out and said, "Good idea! My whole body feels so fatigued, but I wouldn't have thought of taking care of myself if you didn't remind me! I should really get some rest. I will have Nancy cook some food and bring it here in the evening!"

"That's nice! Please, go home and rest, Auntie!" Leila waved goodbye to Melissa as she was leaving. Then, she heaved a deep sigh of relief.

Cautiously, she took out her phone. She was picking out some numbers from her contact list. Leila had some sources which she used to get information and help from. They worked in the press, and now Leila was going to feed them some juicy information in return! Finally, she couldn't wait for another second to expose her enemies with the video.

To catch the attention of the public, the immoral media companies were willing to take any opportunity to obtain the first-hand news material. They didn't care whether it crossed the bottom-line and was unethical or not.

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