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   Chapter 1619 Complaint

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Sheryl put on a forced smile. She knew that if Phoebe wasn't here, the company would've imploded long ago.

As she thought of this, she stood up and walked towards Phoebe. She held Phoebe's hand warmly and said sincerely, "Phoebe, thank you so much for everything you've done, especially over these past few days. I have to stay with Charles in the hospital until he wakes up."

"Ms. Xia, don't worry, I'll handle everything. Just relax and focus on taking care of Mr. Lu. Alan's here anyway, and I'll try my best to support her. We won't allow anything to go wrong here, okay? Don't worry," Phoebe responded in a firm voice.

Sheryl felt greatly relieved and nodded.

Afterwards, Phoebe gave her an update about what had recently been happening in the company. Since Sheryl didn't have any comments, Phoebe left.

Sheryl looked at the empty office. She'd never thought before that her office was big, but today, in particular, she felt that it was too big for her and she didn't want to stay in it all alone.

After a while, Sheryl decided to leave the office because she didn't want to stay there any longer. Even though she didn't spend a lot of time with Charles here, she still didn't want to stay in a place that reminded her of him.

As soon as she left the office, she heard a whistling sound. She turned in the direction of the sound and saw Lewis.

Sheryl was confused. 'I thought he had left? Why is he still here?'

Lewis saw that Sheryl had seen him, so he got out of the car. He walked over to her, smiling rather awkwardly. "Sheryl, why don't we grab a bite together? My treat."

Sheryl looked at Lewis blankly with incomprehension.

Sheryl didn't know what to feel when she saw Lewis earlier today in the hospital. However, she wasn't able to speak with him because of Melissa. Now that she bumped into him again, she needed to clear the air between them.

"Mr. Xu, there's substantial gossip going around about us, so I don't think it would be for the best if we were to have a meal together, so..." Sheryl chose her words carefully because she didn't want to be harsh and break Lewis's heart.

She knew

se where he was, and the nurse told her that he just went out for a bit to buy something and that he would be back soon.

As she stood in front of Cassie, she looked down at her beautiful and pale face. She felt upset and prayed that Cassie would wake up soon.

It didn't take long for Nick to return. When he saw Sheryl, he asked, "Sher, what are you doing here?"

Nick was surprised. He hadn't expected Sheryl to come around here at this time so when he saw her, he couldn't help but worry.

"I came to check on Cassie. How is she? What did the doctor say?" Sheryl was worried about Cassie, so she asked him right away.

Nick shook his head and sat beside the bed, sighing. "The doctor said he didn't know when Cassie would wake up. The only thing we can do now is wait."

Sheryl patted his back to comfort him. "Come on, man. It's okay. Cassie's going to wake up. I'm sure of that." She said that not just to make Nick feel better, but because she really believed that Cassie would wake up sooner or later.

After a short chat with Nick, Sheryl left to give them some alone time. She debated whether or not she would go to Charles's room but eventually decided not to.

At that time, Melissa was standing outside the ICU room that Charles was in, crying. She was so upset. "Charles, what kind of person is your wife? She's bullying your own mother with her lover. Are you just going to let her do that to me?"

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