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   Chapter 1618 Don't Give Up

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"Regardless of what you may say or think, Sheryl is still Charles' wife, isn't she? You're her mother-in-law, don't you think that you are being mean by scolding her in public like this?" Lewis tried his best to remain reserved while he reasoned with Melissa.

However, Melissa was mightily pissed off at Lewis for saying that Sheryl was Charles' wife. Melissa would never accept such a shameless woman as her daughter-in-law since Sheryl had brought shame to the Lu family. Pointing a finger at Lewis, Melissa almost shouted now as she vented. "You're right, Sheryl is my daughter-in-law, but that's none of your business. This concerns our family's problems. You have no say in it!"

Melissa, who was about to burst with frustration, had made a valid point.

"I'm Sheryl's friend. I don't see any problem with lending her my support," Lewis confidently retorted, which irritated Melissa all the more. She lost control of her temper and raised her hand, swiftly landing a slap on Lewis's face.

Lewis hadn't expected that Melissa would lay a hand on him. He wanted to avoid the sudden move, but it was already too late. However, out of instinct, he managed to push Melissa away, making her stumble and fall flat to the ground.

Sheryl was overwhelmed by embarrassment when she saw Lewis and Melissa arguing over her. She didn't know how to mediate between two anger-fueled people. As she saw Melissa tumble to the ground, Sheryl was completely at a loss for words. She just stood there, blankly staring as her mother-in-law fell like a paper doll.

Lewis overreacted. He didn't mean to hurt Melissa and felt truly sorry for what he had done in a moment of rage. He took a step forward and reached out to help, but Melissa was too upset, and she refused help; instead, she struggled up on her own.

But Melissa had misunderstood Lewis as she had initially thought that he was going to hit her. Now she shook off his hand and yelled at him, "What were you trying to do? You wanted to hit me, didn't you?"

"You lost your balance and fell on the ground. I had nothing to do with that, okay?" Melissa's aggressive and unpredictable attitude made Lewis give up in exasperation. She shouted at the top of her lungs for help, and her charade left Lewis speechless. He stood next to her, watching her drama indifferently.

Melissa's screaming pretense caught Sheryl's attention.

'Why would things turn into such a mess?' Sheryl was completely annoyed and frustrated by everything that was happening. She already had a lot on her plate and was too tired to clear up this

Sheryl walked back to her office. There were piles of files stacked on her desk waiting to be signed, but her mind was preoccupied with what happened in the hospital. She was not in the mood to do anything work-related.

"Knock knock!"

"Come in!" Sheryl composed herself as she walked straight to the door.

It was Phoebe. She knew Charles was staying in the hospital, and Sheryl was busy taking care of him. The long hours of vigil had tired Sheryl out, so Phoebe had tried her best to handle the business on her own. Being proactive, she didn't believe in bothering Sheryl with minor business matters, unless it was something urgent.

Phoebe had been on the phone when Sheryl had entered. She was worried about Sheryl, so she went into the office to check on her when she had finished with the call.

"What's wrong?" Sheryl thought something had happened to the company as she saw how anxious and worried Phoebe was, so she immediately asked.

Shaking her head to ease her boss' worry, Phoebe walked to Sheryl's desk, before she answered, "Everything is okay, President Xia. Is President Lu okay? You don't look well, either."

Upon hearing this, Sheryl realized where Phoebe's anxiety and worry stemmed from. She sighed and shook her head. "That is hard to say. I don't know when he will wake up. But I am sure that he will be fine."

Sheryl had been saying this to herself and everyone else multiple times as each day passed. She reminded herself with these words that she could never give up hope.

"Uh-huh, President Xia, don't let it get you down. I am sure President Lu will get through this." Phoebe comforted Sheryl as this was the only thing she could think of doing for her at the moment.

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