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   Chapter 1614 What Do You Want To Do

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Meanwhile in the villa in the suburbs

Although Bernard had told Rachel not to wait for him, she knew he had gone out to kill somebody, so how could she fall asleep?

Rachel was sleepily sitting in the living room when she heard the sound of the door. She perked up and looked around as she became alert again. When she saw it was Bernard coming in, she sighed in relief.

Her expression soon changed when she saw that there were injuries all over Bernard's body. She couldn't help but cover her mouth in horror and was too shocked to say anything for several minutes after seeing him.

Bernard's body was covered in blood when he came in. It was lucky that Rachel didn't faint in fear.

"Bernard, how are you? Are you okay?" With tears streaming from her eyes, Rachel helped Bernard to sit down and then continued, "I'm going to call an ambulance for you, okay?"

Hearing this, Bernard waved his hand and refused her plan before answering, "No, Rachel, I can't. If I go to the hospital, my identity will be exposed. I can't let them know it was me."

After he spoke, Bernard slumped over and passed out.

No matter how much Rachel shouted or shook him, he didn't give any reaction.

With trembling hands, Rachel had to clean and treat Bernard's wounds. Seeing his body covered with blood and with gaping wounds of torn flesh, she wanted to throw up several times but controlled herself. After bandaging the wounds, she couldn't stand it anymore and went to throw up in the washroom.

Rachel walked shakily out of the washroom and felt like she had emptied her entire stomach. She had never before seen anybody injured as badly as Bernard was. Looking at the side of Bernard's face, she couldn't help but shed tears again.

Bernard was still unconscious after Rachel had cleaned up all of his injuries. She was afraid that there was something wrong with him, so she stayed by his side, hoping he would wake up soon.

At midnight, Bernard suddenly developed a fever. Rachel took care of him the best she could and lowered his temperature with medicine and a cold compress.

Bernard's fever spiked several times through the night, and she had to continue to try and break the fevers. It was almost dawn when he finally stopped running a fever. Rachel was so tired that she fell asleep at that point.

The next day

Bernard woke up. When he saw Rachel sleeping at his bedside, he was moved. Her face was tired a

e looked at Cora, whose face was pale and bloodless, and he asked, "What on earth happened?"

Cora looked stunned. When she found Cassie, Cassie was so weak that she almost wasn't breathing. She checked the time and realized that Cassie had been lying unconscious for several hours in the stairwell. Cassie had missed the best time for treatment, and Cora didn't know if Cassie would be able to pull through.

Nick didn't stay waiting outside the operating room. Cora noticed his strange expression and knew he would go to look for the culprit, so she ran after him.

"Nick, Cassie needs you now!" Cora gripped Nick's arm to stop him.

Nick didn't show any mercy and shook his arm out of Cora's grip, pointing at her. "You said that the video showed that Cassie had gone up to the roof with Leila. I don't believe that she would have fallen down the stairs for no reason. It must be related to Leila! I am going to look for that woman and make her confess what she did."

Before Cora could answer, Nick rushed toward the intensive care unit in a blind rage.

Melissa and Leila weren't there anymore, though. Nick didn't find Leila after searching for a while, so he decided to head over to Dream Garden.

In the Dream Garden, Leila and Melissa were preparing to return to the hospital. As soon as Leila opened the door, she saw Nick standing right outside.

"What do you want? Are you trying to scare me to death?"

Even though Leila had pushed Cassie downstairs, she didn't feel any guilt at the sight of Cassie's boyfriend. Moreover, she even looked completely indifferent, as if nothing had happened.

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