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   Chapter 1612 Isla's Idea

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Tom's face had become dark and cloudy. Although his lips were curved in an apparently gentle smile, Bernard could see clearly through him.

People's expressions were always deemed as a reflection of their feelings. But he had never bothered about that before. He always thought that was bullshit. As a hit-man, he was expected to be emotionless, and that was his protective cover. But now, he had to admit that it was true.

"Tom, I'll do exactly what you've asked me to do. Please, give me some time," Bernard answered with strong determination as he looked into Tom's eyes, hoping that he wouldn't have a falling out with him. Bernard was worried that things would become more complicated if Tom pushed him harder.

Hiding a dagger behind his smile, Tom remained silent. Then after a while, he said slowly, "You know that I'm in no rush, but my patience has its limits. We both know how precious Rachel's life is for you. Take your time."

Tom's words sounded like it came from a storybook, no pushing and no threatening, but it was evil enough to make Bernard's hair stand on end. He could feel his heart sinking down a bottomless hole.

Bernard knew that Tom was serious. He had to get rid of Ferry as soon as possible.

"I'd better go. So long and take care." As if he was done visiting with an old friend for a quick chat, Tom turned around and immediately walked away.

The sun had already set in the west. Bernard shuddered as he felt the chilly breeze on his face, bringing him back to reality.

Tom had long gone, but Bernard could still see his dark and brooding face, and the image took up residence in his mind. Being occupied by thoughts on what he should do next, Bernard failed to realize how quickly time passed by.

Looking up at the staircase, he knew that the woman he loved was in his bedroom upstairs. Taking a deep breath, Bernard put his thoughts aside and ascended the stairs.

Pushing the door lightly, he quietly walked towards the bed. He lay down on it lightly, trying his best not to wake Rachel up. Looking at Rachel, who was sleeping peacefully beside him, he felt a sudden warmth in his heart. Reaching out his hand, he gently touched her cheek and then leaned down to kiss her forehead. The contact between his lips and her forehead gave him a sense of security, filling his heart with joy. Closing his eyes, Bernard finally fell into slumber.

The following days, Bernard went out early in the morning and returned late at night. Rachel was still in her dreams when he left and had fallen asleep when he returned. As much as she was curious about what he was up to, Rachel didn't dare to ask him due to the special nature of his work. She believed that Bernard would tell her when he felt it was necessary.

"Rachel, I'm going out to work tonight. It's no big deal, and I'll be back as soon as possible." Bernard didn't tell Rachel where he was headed to. Giving her a big hug, he bid her goodnight and left with the tools of his trade.

When Rachel reached the conclusion that he might be working on an assassin's mission, Bernard had long gone. Crossing her hands nervously, she prayed that nothing would go wrong and that her man would come back unscathed.

It would be a sleepless night for both Rachel and Bernard. Rachel had even noticed the bloodthi

if he stayed any longer, Bernard waved his arm desperately, his knife cutting through the air and causing his opponents to step back. He then took his chance to dash to freedom.

Gathering all of his remaining strength, Bernard ran as fast as he could, wrestling the wind as he went.

Holding his breath, he hid in a tangled clump of wild grasses. Juan and his men came and went, until finally, the night was dead silent again.

Lying motionless on his stomach, Bernard was overtaken by exhaustion. He was badly hurt, but that was nothing when compared to having kept his own life. It was almost dawn when he finally got the strength to stand up from the ground. The place he had hidden in was quite a distance from Ferry's house. Bernard cast a glance at it before stumbling away. He had spent the whole night there and had even bled all over, but he had never caught so much as a glimpse of Ferry. Clenching his hands into fists resentfully, Bernard blamed himself for his lack of capacity.

On the other side of town, Sheryl was discharged from the hospital early the following morning.

Understanding that Sheryl would spend the rest of her day in the hospital, near Charles, if she didn't force her to go, Isla insisted that Sheryl should go to work instead.

For sure, Melissa and Leila would stay at the hospital as long as Charles was still there. They would certainly try their best to bother Sheryl. Isla didn't want her best friend to go through that, so she would rather have her at Cloud Advertising Company.

Even though these two women could do nothing but rattle around Sheryl's ears, Isla was afraid that Sheryl would take their words personally and become downtrodden.

At the same time, Isla was well aware that Sheryl was unable to concentrate on her work, so she made other arrangements.

She asked Cassie to keep an eye on Melissa and Leila. As soon as they left the hospital, Cassie would call Isla to bring Sheryl over to spend some time with Charles.

Despite knowing that this idea might require lots of effort, Isla would rather go to this trouble than let Sheryl stand toe-to-toe with these two shameless women. Heaven only knew what they would say or do next!

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