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   Chapter 1609 I Didn't Mean To Hurt You

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Confused by Isla's words, Sheryl gaped at her as she wondered, 'I'm not sick, am I? Why should I be hospitalized?'

As Isla looked at Sheryl's befuddled facial expression, she already knew what the other was thinking. She couldn't help but sigh and ask, "Want to see your face? I have a mirror. The kids will never believe that you're alright once they see you like that. Your face is as white as a sheet!"

Isla's words served as a reminder to Sheryl. She didn't want her kids worrying about her. It was better for her to find an excuse to stay away. Since she was already in the hospital, she might as well complete the admission procedure.

But on second thought, Sheryl realized that there was a snag. She asked Isla hesitantly, "But I'm well enough. Will the doctors still allow me to be admitted?"

"You fainted right after the blood transfusion! Do you think that the doctors will let you go in that state? Of course, not! If anything bad happened to you, they would take the blame. They will surely advise you to stay in the hospital!" Isla didn't think that Sheryl's concern was a problem at all.

Realizing that the plan might actually work, Sheryl didn't oppose her anymore and decided to listen to Isla this time.

At Dream Garden

Two women were busy in the master bedroom. Melissa was packing some clothes for Charles, while Leila was sorting out his hygiene products in the bathroom. This was the first time that Leila was inside Charles' bedroom.

Holding Charles' razor tightly, Leila became lost in her thoughts. After a while, she muttered, "Charles, I didn't mean to hurt you! I didn't know that you would show up at that time!"

"Leila..." At that very moment, Melissa came in.

It was a good thing Leila came to herself instantly and pretended that everything was normal. However, the awkward expression on her face betrayed her. But still, luck was on her side. The expression was gone as fast as it had registered on her face. Melissa didn't see anything.

"Aunt Melissa, I've got everything ready. How about you?" Walking out of the bathroom, Leila raised her hand for Melissa to see the pack she was holding. Then she opened it so Melissa could check its contents.

"Good. I'm almost done. Now, let's go to the hospital," Melissa said. Then, they both walked downstairs.

As soon as Nancy caught sight of Melissa and Leila, she approached them. When the two had arrived home earlier, she saw

hough Sheryl had moved out of Dream Garden, she still respected Nancy as usual.

Not wasting any time, Nancy immediately asked her about Charles' condition.

At the mention of Charles' name, Sheryl's heart skipped a beat. She bit her lips, then answered, "Nancy, don't worry. He's alright. I'm at the hospital right now."

Because Sheryl didn't want Nancy to worry for Charles, she lied to her. She hoped to assuage her concerns.

"Is Mr. Lu really fine?" Nancy asked again, not totally convinced by Sheryl.

To cover her uneasiness, Sheryl let Isla talk to Nancy to back her up. In a loud voice, Isla replied with a positive answer.

Nancy breathed a sigh of relief after Isla guaranteed that Charles was fine.

"All right! I'm glad that you're all well," Nancy sighed. Then, she told Sheryl to take care of herself.

They continued talking for quite a while before they hung up. Sheryl felt that Nancy cared about her much more than Melissa did, even though Melissa was her mother-in-law, while Nancy wasn't part of the family.

There were many insights that Sheryl had about relationships. She thought that in a relationship, it didn't mean that you would gain more if you devoted more. There were really people in this world who would never be satisfied with you. Melissa was one of the best examples. And, you couldn't do anything about it.

After ending the call, Sheryl suddenly became silent.

Isla had gone out to get some water. So, she was surprised to find Sheryl in a trance when she came back. Rushing towards Sheryl, Isla asked, "What happened? Is there any bad news concerning Charles?"

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