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   Chapter 1608 You Have To Stay In The Hospital

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When it came to acting, Leila was an expert. Her intention was to make Melissa feel sorry for her. She couldn't wait to see Melissa drenched in guilt.

When she saw the sadness and tears on Leila's face, Melissa's heart began to break into a million pieces. She felt extremely sorry for Leila.

"Leila, please, rest assured. Once Charles wakes up, I will tell him everything, without missing any details. I assure you that Charles will take your side once he gets to know what Sheryl has done to you. He will never forgive her! Moreover, he will teach her a lesson which she will never forget!" Melissa firmly promised Leila.

By now, Leila was used to Melissa's lip service. Hence, she didn't seem even a tiny bit comforted by her words.

What was worse, Charles was now staying in the hospital. Leila wondered if she could get back to the Shining Company again.

And she knew with certainty that if she didn't succeed at becoming Charles' wife, all of her efforts would be in vain. But her only ray of hope was that, as Melissa was on her side, Leila could still stay in the Dream Garden. Melissa was the only person who could help her now. Thinking about this, Leila pulled herself together, although she wasn't quite satisfied with Melissa's words. She said gently, "Aunt Melissa, I trust you. Isla's slap is not a big deal at all. I am willing to take more slaps from her if it means that Sheryl will leave Charles forever. Even if I get disfigured because of that, I will still consider it worth it!" Leila looked into Melissa's eyes and spoke with feigned sincerity.

"Bite your tongue, Leila. Don't you ever utter such words! You won't be disfigured! I won't let anything happen to you. Don't worry, I will always be on your side. And in my presence, nothing of that sort will happen to you!"

Melissa then continued to promise how she would help her through thick and thin. Listening to her blabber, Leila became fed up. 'Do you hear yourself, Melissa? You're making me sick!' Leila thought with a sneer.

If Leila hadn't needed Melissa to help her consolidate her position in the Lu family, she wouldn't have tolerated Melissa. She was already sick of all these empty promises.

"Uh-huh, I know. Thank you, Aunt Melissa. I appreciate it."

Leila wiped away the tears from her face and walked to the ICU with Melissa.

The nurse had just changed a wound dressing for Charles. Melissa asked the nurse about Charles' condition.

But Melissa's question was too technical and tricky for the nurse to answer. The nurse decided

to an IV drip while she was asleep.

Sheryl rubbed her head and chuckled, "It's not a big deal, Isla. It isn't like donating bone marrow. Don't be so dramatic." Sheryl understood that Isla worried a great deal about her, but she truly didn't think it was a big deal.

"Yes, it wouldn't have been a big deal if you were in good shape. A small amount of blood shouldn't have mattered. But look at you! Are you strong enough? I don't think so! You almost passed out, for God's sake!" Isla was so worried about Sheryl that she couldn't help but lash out.

Sheryl was a little embarrassed.

Isla was waiting for Sheryl's answer, but Sheryl just remained silent. Gloomily, she sat on her bed and lowered her head in frustration.

"What is this? A silent protest?" Isla asked angrily. She was speechless at Sheryl's reaction.

Sheryl shook her head immediately and said, "No, don't misunderstand. You are right! I know nothing about taking care of myself. I promise I will never do such a thing again!"

She looked at Isla sincerely.

Isla rolled her eyes at Sheryl and said, "Stop with your drama. Do you actually think that I will buy that? How many times have you done this? I lost count of it! The fact remains that you can never take me seriously."

Sheryl didn't know how to respond to this.

"But today, I am going to ask you to do something. And there is no way that you are disobeying me this time," Isla said with the utmost seriousness.

"Please, let me know your request!" Sheryl squinted and waited for Isla to continue.

Seeing Sheryl's eagerness, Isla was a little amused. She sat up straight and coughed before she said, "You have to stay in the hospital tonight!"

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