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   Chapter 1606 The Second Operation

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Sheryl's words reminded Isla of something. She hadn't realized how wrong she had been until just then. She realized that she was really such an idiot to have called Lewis without any consideration.

If anyone wanted to defame Sheryl, they could now make up a story from the situation. Isla felt intense regret for what she had done.

"Sher, it's all my fault. I'm so sorry," Isla apologized to Sheryl immediately.

At that very moment, Cassie pushed the door open in a rush and panted, "Sher, Mr. Lu has been sent to the operating room again!"

"What did you just say?" Sheryl asked as she sprang up from her bed.

Isla also started to worry when she heard what Cassie said. 'Didn't he just finish with his first operation just a little while ago? What's going on now?' she wondered.

Before Cassie could respond, Sheryl got out of her bed and rushed with haste to the operating room.

Isla immediately followed Sheryl out because she was worried about her.

They arrived at the operating room shortly after that.

The light was on, which meant that the operation was in progress. Sheryl looked at it anxiously and asked Cassie, "What's wrong with him?"

Unable to answer, Cassie regretfully shook her head. She didn't know anything either. She had passed by Charles' room moments ago, but she had only seen that he was sent to the operating room again. After she saw that, she had come straight to Sheryl's room to inform her of the incident.

Sheryl looked around, but surprisingly, she didn't see Melissa or Leila.

"Nobody was with Charles when they took him?" Sheryl asked Cassie in confusion.

Cassie shook her head again. She had been in such a rush that she didn't have time to even wonder where Melissa and Leila were.

Sheryl felt so scared for Charles. He had just finished an operation. How could they have left him alone?

Suddenly, a nurse came out from the operating room. She came to Sheryl and asked, "Are you a member of the patient's family?"

"I'm his wife," Sheryl answered firmly. She felt like her body was filled with strength now. She knew she must be strong in that moment.

"The patient developed a postoperative infection, so he needs a second operation. Please sign here," the nurse said. This was the second time that Sheryl needed to sign that sort of paper.

As soon as she read the word Disclaimer, her heart plummeted. She wondered if it was yet another life-and-death moment for Charles.

Sheryl signed the paper in a hurry. After she was done, she wanted to ask the nurse for more

o her mouth to avoid making a sound, but her face still glistened with tears. Isla was deeply grieved to see her like that.

"Sher, don't cry. The operation was very successful, so I'm sure Charles will recover soon. He'll be all right!" Isla hugged Sheryl in her arms, hoping to make her feel better.

Sheryl kept crying desperately despite the reassurance. She mumbled, "If anything happens to Charles, I don't want to live without him."

Isla sighed. She knew that she couldn't reason with Sheryl at the moment. She decided it'd be better to remain quiet and stay with Sheryl.

After a while, the nurse came out. Sheryl disentangled herself from Isla's arms and rushed to the nurse.

Meeting Sheryl's expectant eyes, the nurse knew that Sheryl was desperate to know how Charles was doing. If she didn't say anything, Sheryl wouldn't let her leave.

"He's all right for the moment. Whether he will wake up or not depends on the follow-up operations for the congestion in his brain. It's useless for you to stay here. I suggest that you return later. You should focus on taking care of yourself for now. Your health is as important as his. Once he is transferred to the general ward, you'll be able to see him and stay with him," the nurse advised. She knew that Sheryl was a friend of Cassie's, so she really wanted to help her.

"She's right, Sher! You should take time to rest now and go back to your room," Isla said to Sheryl. Then, Isla winked to the nurse, signaling that she was thankful for the backup.

The nurse soon understood what Isla meant. She came forward and asked seriously, "If you also get sick now, how can you then take care of your husband when he needs you?"

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