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   Chapter 1604 There Was A Reason For It

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Charles was the one who had an affair, yet he had acted like it was Sheryl's fault and didn't feel sorry for it at all. Isla was already very disappointed and angry at Charles. When Isla heard what Melissa and Leila said, her anger grew even stronger toward them.

"Fine, I'll go by myself if you won't come with me!" Isla stormed out.

Cassie knew that if she didn't follow and stop Isla, the situation would worsen. So, she shot a glance at Nick and urged him, "What are you doing? Go and stop Isla! I don't know what she is going to do! She's just so mad!"

Nick had the same concern too. He quickly ran out after Isla, hoping that he could catch up with her and stop her before it was too late.

He failed to stop her though. When Nick finally caught up with Isla, she had already gone up to Melissa.

Melissa, who was sitting on the bench, looked up at Isla walking towards her in anger. Melissa crossed her arms, not taking Isla seriously.

"Don't act like you have nothing to do with this! Charles is under the scalpel right now. I bet it's either because of you or her. I'm very impressed that you can sit there so calmly as if nothing at all has happened," Isla sneered at Melissa and she pointed at Leila.

The entire Lu family were bullying Sheryl, and Sheryl was all alone. Isla felt like she had to stand up and support Sheryl. If she didn't do so, Isla knew that she would go crazy.

Leila immediately retorted after she heard Isla's accusations, "Isla, mind your language. What do you mean that it's because of me? I was talking to Melissa in the Dream Garden when the car accident happened. Why don't you admit that Sheryl is a slut? That's why Charles got in a car accident!" Leila defended herself while raising her voice.

There was no way that Leila would willingly take any blame from Isla.

"I agree. I don't think Leila has anything to do with this, but you did remind me of one thing. The dogs with the loudest bark are the ones that are most afraid. Is it because Sheryl is involved in this? Is that why you're denying it so much and blaming us?" Melissa pondered Isla's words, and she proposed a reasonable issue to argue with Isla about.

Isla, however, had acted on impulse. She was now the one who didn't know what to say.

"Sher has nothing to do with the accident! If she did, then she wouldn't have called the ambulance and brought Ch

to buy a bottle of water for Sheryl a few minutes ago, and she had walked past the ER. She saw that Charles was being wheeled out from the operation room. Isla knew that Sheryl would want to know Charles' condition once she woke up, so she had stepped forward and was going to ask the doctor.

However, Melissa had stepped in her way before she could.

"Stay away from my son! If something ever happens to Charles, you and Sheryl are the ones to blame!" Melissa had snapped at Isla.

"I tell you something. I don't care whether he is alive or not. It's really none of my business!" Isla had walked away angrily.

She was sure that the operation went smoothly. Melissa wouldn't have been in the mood to argue with her otherwise.

Isla told Sheryl what had happened. When she was sure that Charles was doing okay Sheryl was less uptight, and she lay back down on the bed, trying to relax.

Sheryl's face was still pale and it worried Isla. She couldn't help but ask in concern, "How are you doing, Sher? Do you feel any pain?"

"No, no, no, I'm totally fine!" Sheryl answered quickly, but her voice sounded pained and husky.

Isla then complained about Melissa to Sheryl.

"Sheryl, I wonder how you spent all the time having to deal with Melissa. She is nuts and has absolutely no compassion. No wonder Clark and Shirley don't like their grandmother. I was confused about it before. I mean, Clark and Shirley are so considerate and friendly! I can't think of anyone who would ever pick a fight with them. Now I see why they don't like her. There really is a reason for it!"

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