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   Chapter 1603 Sheryl Fainted

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Melissa had to shut up, but her eyes never left Sheryl's face. It seemed that she would try to pounce on Sheryl again to beat her up at any second.

Melissa gnashed her teeth bitterly, resenting the fact that Charles had chosen to marry such a woman.

On the other side, Sheryl was buried in her sorrow over Charles' injuries and paid no attention to what Melissa was up to just then. She swallowed her pain and fought back her tears, praying that Charles would come out of the operating room as soon as possible and with a positive verdict.

When the corridor was silent again, the police officer cleared his throat and asked Sheryl, "Can you tell me what happened at the time of the accident, Ms. Xia?"

Sheryl pulled her drifting thoughts together and nodded. "Of course," she replied weakly.

She then forced herself to recall what had happened in the parking lot. She actually felt like thousands of arrows were penetrating her heart as the scene of Charles being knocked down returned to replay in her mind.

Melissa's and Leila's ears also perked up attentively to hear what Sheryl would say to the officer about the accident.

Sheryl took a deep breath and narrated all of the ins and outs of the matter carefully, except for the reason why she and Charles had been quarreling. She tried to make every detail clear, hoping that it would help the police to find the person who drove the car.

When she had finally finished talking, she gasped for breath and her face became as pale as the white wall behind her. Going over the incident again had cost her all of her strength. Sheryl felt like her head was becoming heavier and heavier—she just wanted to lie down, regardless of where she was and who was there.

"Are you okay, Ms. Xia? Please, take a break if you need to." Even the police officer began worrying about Sheryl as he saw the paleness of her cheeks.

However, before Sheryl could offer any response, Melissa chipped in again. Her constant butting in made the rest of them sick.

"Officer, look at her! Don't you think she looks like she's afraid of being found guilty of something? I can assure you that it was definitely she who caused my son's injuries. Please, take her back with you because I believe that she will confess once she is locked up and questioned!" Melissa spoke as if she had witnessed what had happened, and Leila nodded in agreement to what she said.

"Right, officer. Since Sheryl was with Charles during the accident, she must know something that we don't. Besides, it happened in the parking lot of her company. You need to look into it more!" Leila fanned the flames of the situation. Sheryl felt sick and her head throbbed at their accusations.

"You don't know everything, officer. Although it's supposed to be a family affair, I would like to remind

concern. Isla couldn't remember how many times she had asked that, but she still couldn't put her heart at rest.

Cassie came over and held her hand. She smiled at the doctor apologetically first and then said to Isla, "Please take it easy, Isla. We're all professionals. Sheryl will be fine. Please take a seat and get some rest. It will do her lots of good to get a few hours' sleep. Trust me!"

"Well, Cassie is right. She will wake up soon, safe and sound," the doctor confirmed what Cassie had said. He then left the ward before Isla could utter another word.

Nick was sitting in front of Sheryl's bed, gazing at her as she slept. Deep in his heart, he felt that there was something wrong. Charles had been hit in the parking lot, and the car had driven away without any hesitation. It was weird that the driver didn't stop and get out to check what he had done. Sheryl was now lying there in the bed unconscious, after all that. Things must have been worse than anyone had imagined.

"Nick, let's go out and teach those two women a lesson. Sitting here won't help anything. Come with me!" Isla demanded and came over to drag Nick back up.

"Please, calm down, Isla! The most urgent thing now is Sheryl. Besides, Charles is inside the operating room now. Hold on until they both wake up!" Nick said calmly, refusing to go out with her.

He shook Isla's hands off his arm and asked, pointing at Sheryl, "Will you please think about her? Don't you think that Sheryl would agree with you?"

Of course Isla knew Sheryl would never want them to get into trouble over her, but she just couldn't take it. She needed to do something to occupy her worried mind.

Since Melissa and Leila had said that it was all Sheryl's fault that Charles had been in an accident, what would they say about Sheryl also fainting? With that logic, it was then all because of Charles!

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