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   Chapter 1602 Dispute

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Standing to the side, Nick felt confused when he saw the police officers come in. 'Was what had happened to Charles more than just a simple accident?' he wondered.

"Yes, here I am," Sheryl answered the police as she stood up. The presence of the police reminded her of the gruesome scene of the accident.

"Please describe to us how the accident happened. What caused the car to hit your husband? Did you see the car's license plate number?" one of the police officers asked. The series of questions from the police officers made Sheryl's head ache and her heart break. She shook her head in grief.

After a while Sheryl managed to recover a bit. Then she disjointedly said, "He was in my car in the beginning, but then he got out of the car after a quarrel with me. Then..."

Sheryl couldn't continue because the image of Charles covered in blood popped up in her mind again.

Her brain reeled in terror, and for a moment, she felt like she was going to explode.

"All right, stop with the questions, officers! She can't answer anything under such circumstances! Can't you wait until she has had some time to recover?" Isla complained angrily. She then pulled Sheryl away to the side and hugged her to comfort her.

Isla didn't want to see them pushing Sheryl around like that. Sheryl was still in shock and grieving, so she couldn't possibly make a witness statement at that moment.

The police were also perplexed since they couldn't do anything without the witness statement.

Seeing that Isla was trying to protect her, Sheryl couldn't help but feel touched. At the same time, she was also worried that Isla would cause conflict with the police. So, she tugged on Isla's arm and said, "Isla, I'm fine. Could you take Nick outside and wait for me there? I have to tell the police everything that I know."

She sent them away on purpose.

Isla also understood what Sheryl was afraid of, so she sighed and prepared to take her leave.

"Fine then. We're leaving now. If you have a problem, just call me." Then, Isla left the room reluctantly.

Melissa and Leila arrived at the hospital at the same time, right after Isla had left. Isla and Nick went out to buy Sheryl something to eat, so they missed them by accident.

One hour ago at Dream Garden things had been different. Before Melissa and Leila knew about the accident, they had been gloating over the comments on the website that abused Sheryl for her immorality.

Leila said, "Aunt Melissa, you can rest assured. Last night I already showed Charles the pictures that my friend gave me. I'm sure Charles isn't going to stay with Sheryl anymore a

nt of the police, she might get herself in trouble. Leila herself couldn't do anything without Melissa's help, and she needed her help.

Melissa came to her senses after Leila reminded her of that. She patted her head and said, "Damn it! I was just too angry when I saw that bitch. What would I do if anything happened to Charles?"

Melissa couldn't even bear to think about her situation if anything bad ever happened to Charles.

She had not been set free from prison that long ago. She hadn't gotten to enjoy enough of her beautiful life as a rich lady yet. Was it all going to end again because of her outburst?

Melissa was concerned for Charles, of course, but she was also worried about her own destiny. She was afraid that her wealthy life would end forever in the very near future.

Sometimes, Melissa couldn't tell what she loved more, her well off life as Mrs. Lu, or her son, Charles, who gave her everything.

"Aunt Melissa?" Leila called softly. She noticed that Melissa was in a trance after she muttered those words, so she called her name to wake her up.

"What?" Melissa was pulled back to reality after Leila called out to her. She looked at Leila and asked, "How can I bear to keep quiet after all that has happened?"

"Aunt Melissa, it's not the right time to do anything. After the police leave, nobody will care what you do to Sheryl, even if you decide to beat her up!" Leila said in a low voice. After hearing that, Melissa nodded and went along with her.

The police also felt relieved after the chaos had calmed down. They couldn't help but think that conflicts between the members of big families were indeed as dramatic as the TV shows made them look. They hadn't seen anything that dramatic before today.

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