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   Chapter 1598 Enough

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Sheryl, however, seemed completely unperturbed by the news. She shrugged her shoulders and said, "I have no idea. But I'd guess that either Leila or Ferry is behind all of this!"

Leila and Ferry were the first people that Sheryl could think of because they were the ones pushing for Sheryl and Charles' divorce.

The thought filled Sheryl with an almost unbearable sorrow.

Judging by her silence, Isla concluded that Sheryl wasn't in high spirits. She wanted to comfort her but she couldn't think of what to do or say. The only thing Isla could do now was sit next to her quietly and keep her company.

After a while, Sheryl said, "All right, time to get back to work, Isla. I'm okay."

Sheryl urged Isla to leave her office. Although Isla was reluctant, she decided to leave Sheryl alone since there wasn't much else she could do to improve the situation.

Meanwhile, at the Shining Company

Charles was going through a stack of files in the CEO's office. Suddenly, his assistant knocked on his door and walked in right after.

Charles didn't hide his displeasure at being interrupted. He stared balefully at the assistant, wondering what had happened. However, even though the assistant opened his mouth a few times, nothing came out of it. It was clear from his hesitation that he was struggling to find the words to express himself. Having lost his patience, Charles raised his voice and asked, "What's the matter?"

Charles' cold voice sent shivers down the assistant's spine. He quickly scampered towards Charles' desk and handed him his iPad, and his hand shook with every breath that he took.

"Mr. Lu, here is the latest news on Mrs. Lu. Please, take a look…" The assistant didn't dare to mention anything else. He had already read the news and he could imagine how furious Charles would be when he saw those pictures.

Charles furrowed his eyebrows and glared sharply at the assistant before he took the iPad from him. The first thing he saw was the title of the video clip.

'Sheryl seeing her new lover at night?' The mere thought of a "new lover" drove Charles up the wall.

'No wonder you're that desperate to get a divorce, Sheryl. I know the reason now. You're in love with another man!' Charles finally got his answer as to why Sheryl was being so insistent.

In a fit of rage, Charles threw the iPad away. The assistant quietly picked up his iPad and walked out of the office. He was smart enough to leave before further raising the ire of his boss. All things considered, the last thing that he would want was Charles venting his anger out on him.

Charles was the only person in the office now.

The only thoughts swimming in Charles' mind at the moment were of Sheryl and her new lover, Lewis. He had seen them together before when he was in the shop

ewis is twice the man you will ever be and he treats Sheryl with dignity and respect. All that you ever did was to lie to, cheat on and hurt Sheryl. As her best friend, I would love to see Sheryl choose Lewis over you!" Isla, gave Charles no quarter, ferociously bombarding him with harsh words.

"Shut up!"

Sheryl's reluctance to face him had convinced Charles of Sheryl and Lewis' relationship. Having lost all faith in Sheryl, Charles suddenly turned around and walked away from Isla mid conversation. Feeling dejected, he now believed that Sheryl was no longer in love with him.

Isla was happy to see that Charles left Cloud Advertising Company in frustration, and she was gladdened by the thought of exacting revenge on him for Sheryl.

Meanwhile, stepping from her office, Sheryl had calmly watched the whole incident unfold. The moment that Charles had walked into the building, Sheryl had seen him. She had hidden behind the curtains in the corridor when Isla stopped him.

Suffice it to say that Sheryl had heard the whole conversation between Isla and Charles.

'Charles, it was just a few pictures. Did you really think that I had cheated on you based on such flimsy evidence? And what about the fact that you and Leila slept together? What am I supposed to think about you two?'

Sheryl was disappointed to see Charles' lack of faith in her.

After Charles had left, Isla turned around to look for Sheryl, as she was dying to tell her what had happened just now.

She was taken by surprise to see Sheryl standing right behind her. Isla had gotten so caught up in her argument with Charles that she hadn't even noticed that Sheryl had come out of her office. Isla now felt ashamed for making Charles leave under false pretenses. She dared not look into Sheryl's eyes, and scratching her head in embarrassment she slowly walked forward.

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