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   Chapter 1597 Gossip News

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Sheryl was blinded by the headlights glaring at her. Quickly, she covered her eyes with her hands and turned around.

In panic, she fell to the ground and take cover. When she opened her eyes again, she saw the car speeding away from her. She patted her chest, desperately trying to catch her breath. This was, by no means, an accidental occurrence.

She got up from the ground once she had calmed down and looked around at her surroundings. After confirming that there were no suspicious people or cars around, she reached out to the car door, praying that she could get out of here as soon as possible.

Before her hands could touch the door, however, she felt a sudden pat on her shoulder that almost scared the wits out of her.

Like a frightened bird, Sheryl dropped her key to the ground and turned around quickly. The next moment, her eyes caught sight of Lewis' face. She felt relieved to know that it was just a false alarm.

She heaved a deep breath, complaining as she rolled her eyes at him, "Don't you ever do that again! You scared me to death!"

Sheryl leaned against her car, slowly patting her chest. She thought that the man who had tried to run her over came back to finish the job.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to frighten you. But are you okay?" Lewis asked, both confused and surprised. His impression of Sheryl was that of a strong, independent woman. The sight of sweat beads on her face was something he never thought he would see.

Having realized that she had mistaken him for another person, Sheryl nodded at him apologetically and said, "Someone was driving toward me and I thought..."

"What?" Lewis widened his eyes and moved closer to her, carefully eyeing her from head to toe. After confirming that there was nothing to worry about, he stopped right in front of her, shaking her shoulders, and asked, "Are you sure you're okay? Should we call the police?"

Sheryl bit her lower lip, regretting the quick slip of her tongue. She shouldn't have mentioned that to him. Lewis was just a business partner and her personal life was not meant to be shared with him.

"Maybe I am just overthinking it. Maybe the driver got distracted or perhaps he had a few glasses of wine. Relax, it's no big deal!" Sheryl shrugged his hands from her shoulders and slowly moved away from him.

Lewis' face revealed an embarrassed smile. He scratched his head. "Maybe so, but you need to be more careful. Why don't I drop you off home? It's getting late," he suggested, looking at Sheryl expectantly.

"Thank you, but my car is here," Sheryl refused, pointing at her car.

As the pair stood at her company's parking lot, Sheryl wondered what Lewis was doing here and quickly concluded that he had been waiting for her again.

Meanwhile, Lewis was also thinking along the same lines. He gave her a gentle smile and explained, "I parked my car here because I was meeting a friend f

d her computer on and cast a quick glance at Isla. Her voice didn't carry any genuine curiosity.

Isla rushed to the table and threw her phone before Sheryl, panting and gasping for air.

Judging by the sweat on Isla's face, Sheryl guessed that something bad had happened. She knitted her brows and took the phone into her hands. A video clip popped into her eyes with a series of photos on the roll.

It had been a long time since Sheryl's name made it to the headlines of the front page. When she married Charles, there was an overwhelming amount of news in domestic media concerning her. That was then and this was now. She felt flattered by the fact that she was still worthy of making headlines again.

'The wife of Shining Company's president seen with another man at midnight!'

The title was staggeringly shocking and hurt Sheryl's eyes for a moment.

"Sheryl Xia, the wife of Shining Company's president and the boss of Cloud Advertising Company, was caught having an affair. Photos of her and her mysterious lover were taken in a parking lot at midnight. From the photos, we can see that they're quite close to each other..." The photos were of her and Lewis, and in addition to them, there were photos of her trying to get rid of Ferry. Someone had been following her all this time.

Isla waited for an explanation, impatiently propping up her hands on the table.

She had been checking the online news websites on her way to the office and was taken by surprise to see that the headlines were all about her best friend. She then came to Sheryl without any delay.

Isla had gone through some of the comments, which were crude and offensive to say the least.

"Sheryl, what is going on? What were you and Lewis doing in the parking lot? Why did Ferry show up at the mall while you were there? How did these photos end up online?" Isla threw one question after another at Sheryl, eager to know the truth from her.

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