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   Chapter 1596 Evidence

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"Sheryl?" Melissa looked at Leila and asked. She looked at the cell phone in disbelief as her eyes widened in surprise.

A photo of Sheryl hugging a man inside a shopping mall was displayed on the screen.

"Did you see this happen in person?" Melissa raised her voice and asked Leila again, as she was unable to believe what she was seeing.

Leila nodded her head in affirmation and said, "Aunt Melissa, it's true. I can't believe Sheryl would do such a thing to shame the family. She's still married to Charles, but she's seeing another man too! Her behavior brings so much humiliation to Charles and the Lu family! What will people think of us?"

Leila was getting herself worked up and adding fuel to the fire.

Her reaction affected Melissa as well. She became furious and yelled, "Sheryl is such a whore! No wonder she wants to get a divorce. She is actually in love with another man!"

Leila had taken a lot of pictures and she showed them all to Melissa one by one.

The more pictures Melissa saw, the angrier she became. She was annoyed and asked Leila to take the cell phone away from her. She was too angry to even catch her breath.

"Aunt Melissa, there's no need to be angry over such a woman. It isn't worth it." With a concerned look, Leila patted Melissa's shoulder in an attempt to calm her down.

Melissa was still angry at what Sheryl had done, but she finally managed to compose herself in time.

"What exactly does Sheryl want to do? She is the one who brought up the idea of divorce. I bet that it's because of that man in the photo! Now, she's prolonging the situation just to step in your way. She must want our family's assets. I can't just let her win!" Melissa fumed, going straight to the point.

Leila wouldn't let Sheryl take away half of the family assets either. Lu family's fortune was supposed to be hers. How could she let Sheryl take all that from her?

"Aunt Melissa, I agree completely, but we don't have time to be angry. We need to come up with a solution." Leila just wished to make a huge scene out of this.

On her way back, she had grown even more determined to beat Sheryl and teach her a lesson.

She wanted to take everything Sheryl had taken from her, but she failed each time she tried. Now that such a good opportunity had presented itself to her, Leila needed to make good use of it.

She felt that she was bles

tried her best to sound calm because she didn't want to let Charles know that she was crying.

"Fine then, Sheryl. We'll get a divorce, but the kids have to stay with me. I won't let them live with another man!" Charles said firmly in anger.

Sheryl didn't care what Charles said. All she wanted was a divorce.

"You can rest assured that I won't date any other men after I divorce you. We can sign a contract that the kids will never change their surname, so what you are worrying about won't happen. Just sign the damn agreement already!" Sheryl knew that Charles was prolonging things on purpose. She knew him so well and was aware that he wouldn't keep on insisting after she said those words.

"Fine, I will sign the agreement, if that's what you really want." Charles hung up quickly.

'If that's what I want? Isn't that what you really want too, Charles?'

Sheryl thought to herself as she looked down at her phone, feeling upset and desperate. The busy tone on the other end of the line sounded extremely harsh to Sheryl.

'Charles, are you thinking the same as me? I don't want to give up on our marriage. Is that the reason why you are prolonging it?' Sheryl sighed, put her cell phone back to her purse, and walked out of the office.

The wind blew on Sheryl's face and helped clear her head. She took the elevator and went to the underground parking lot.

As she walked to her car, another one almost hit her. Someone beeped the horn at her in annoyance. Sheryl wondered if it was because she was not paying attention, or if the person was doing it on purpose.

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