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   Chapter 1595 Sheryl's Stains

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To prevent Sheryl from leaving, Ferry grabbed her by the arm and pulled her into his chest as if they were dancing.

Being handled that way made her uncomfortable, so she tried the best she could to escape Ferry's grip. But the harder she struggled, the tighter and closer Ferry held her. Their interactions looked rather ambiguous in public. People who happened to pass by cast them a strange look and assumed that they were a couple.

Another surprising occurrence Sheryl didn't expect was for Leila to happen to wander in the same shopping mall that very moment!

The seemingly intimate scene between Sheryl and Ferry unfolded in front of her. Leila found it hard to believe what was right before her eyes. At first, she almost doubted her own eyesight and denied what she saw.

Because of disbelief, she rubbed her eyes before casting them another glance. She looked closely because she wanted to make sure that the woman was none other than her enemy, Sheryl. When she realized that the woman was in fact her rival to Charles' heart, she sneered and her lips curved into a complacent smile.

'Sheryl? Isn't that woman Sheryl?'

Leila wondered in silence as her brows furrowed in curiosity.

Only she could see was the man's back, but she was sure he was not Charles. She simply took it to mean that Sheryl had already found a new lover behind Charles' back. Always regarding Sheryl as her rival, Leila had never given up on collecting Sheryl's stains to ruin her reputation. Now, seeing the couple before her very eyes was a rare opportunity that she couldn't miss. She watched the two closely, waiting to see how it would develop and end.

From a distance, Leila could see clearly how the moment unfolded, yet she couldn't hear what the two were talking about.

She was ready to bring Sheryl down and it didn't take her too long to craft the best plan. She took out her phone from her pocket and intended to take pictures as evidence to take advantage of one day.

Locked in Ferry's aggressive grip, Sheryl didn't surrender. She kept struggling, spending all her energy just to pull back her hand. But Ferry was as strong as a bull and she was unable to gain control of herself.

"What the hell do you want? Let me go!" Sheryl roared in frustration as she looked around, embarrassed. She dreaded that someone familiar would witness the incident and spread rumors about her. She couldn't afford any scandal now, as she was already facing too much stress in her pending divorce.

Luckily, there were only a few people around and they barely stopped by to even bother about what was happening.

"Take it easy! Don't be so fazed. About what I want to do to you, don't you have a clue?" Ferry taunted as he raised his eyebrows, displaying his annoying smirk.

Noticing Ferry's sudden carelessness, Sheryl quickly slid her hand away to escape. She then snapped angrily, "You are a person of no credibility! You promised that you would stay away from me!"

Ferry spread out his hands and shrugged, replying angrily, "So are you! You are a woman unworthy of trust. How can you demand me to be reliable?" Feeling embarrassed in public because of this unrequited declaration of sweetness, Ferry paused and gauged Sheryl's expression. When he didn't get any response from her, he continued, pointing out his main concern, "You promised to divorce Charles! But you didn't!"

At that point, Sheryl knew she was at the losing end. The deal was based on her promise. Now that she didn't keep her word of

to answer Isla.

Isla understood Sheryl's weird behavior and attempted to ease her apprehensions. She didn't push Sheryl to do what she believed was best. It was clearly not about her this time. Isla knew that the will to continue shopping was gone, so she grabbed Sheryl's arm, intending to take her out of the mall.

As they drove back to Cloud Advertising Company, Sheryl still felt unsettled. Ferry's words kept repeating in her head.

Isla quietly stood by her side. She understood her friend's anxiety and kept her company.

After a long pause, Sheryl finally had the courage to say, "Ferry asked me to be his lover in exchange for not divorcing Charles. He left me three days to think about it. Three days after, if I fail to agree, I have to divorce Charles."

"What?" Isla was in total shock. She glared at Sheryl with a suspicious look on her face.

Being so self-aware, Sheryl could easily understand what was on Isla's mind. She nodded in agreement.

In fact, Sheryl had been as startled as Isla the moment Ferry brought up the farfetched deal.

She even believed that Ferry had gone insane.

"Then what are you going to do?" Isla asked as she took a deep breath to calm her nerves.

Sheryl shook her head, her expression turning helpless. She looked exhausted and felt defeated but she managed to give Isla a wry smile and said, "What else can I do? I won't be Ferry's lover! That's impossible! All I can do now is divorce Charles as soon as possible, or else I am afraid Ferry will lose his patience and take his revenge!"

Although Sheryl already had too much on her plate as she tried to carry out the divorce, she had no choice but to make it happen.

Divorcing Charles was the brightest and the only solution to her problem right now.

Earlier in Dream Garden, Leila had told Melissa that she would go out to get herself some clothes because she was excited to show off in the office. But now, Leila came back empty-handed. Her unlikely behavior puzzled Melissa.

"Leila, didn't you buy any…"

"Aunt Melissa, take a look at this!" Leila interrupted her for a far more important matter. She took out her phone and anxiously showed her the incriminating pictures.

Reading Leila's face, Melissa stopped speaking. She took the phone Leila handed over to her and closely viewed the photos on display.

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