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   Chapter 1594 Were You Trying To Run Away From Me

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"Charles, Aunt Melissa, you're up! Have a taste of what I have prepared for you." Leila grabbed Melissa's hand and walked her to the dining table, proud of what she had made. She was like a child showing off an artwork to her teacher. She was not yet done with bragging as she said proudly, "I learned to make this a few days ago. Aunt Melissa, have a try and if there is anything you'd like, just let me know."

Playing along, Melissa took a bite and gave her compliments generously. She even said that it was the best food she had ever tasted, and that Leila was as good as a chef in any five-star restaurant. Charles, knowing what his mother was trying to do, ignored Leila and sat down to have breakfast.

"As long as Aunt Melissa likes it!"

"Charles, what about you? Do you like it?" Leila asked him with full enthusiasm, looking forward to hearing his feedback.

However, he was unamused to see the food plated fancily on the table. For him, in spite of the presentation, it was too oily for breakfast. His face revealed his frustration for this was far from his preferred plain and simple bowls as the first meal. His brows furrowed and he unapologetically exclaimed, "It's too oily."

Charles gave Leila a cold shoulder, which embarrassed her a little. Melissa could see the budding vexation on Leila's face. Feeling sorry for her, she nudged Charles' arm and taunted, "Charles, Leila got up early to do this for us. Give her a little credit. Have a taste. Maybe it isn't as bad as you think."

"I am full!" Charles was annoyed, like a toddler being forced to eat something that he found distasteful. He put down his chopsticks and left without finishing his breakfast.

Melissa and Leila looked at each other with sheer embarrassment. This was awkward, especially for Leila. She was sad that her work wasn't appreciated even in the least regard. Melissa, still embarrassed because of her son's demeanor, asked Leila to sit with her and enjoy the breakfast prepared.

"Leila, don't be sad. Charles is busy with the divorce these days. He must be very upset. We should try to understand him." Melissa tried to find an excuse for Charles to ease Leila.

Moved by her consideration, Leila smiled at her and assured her, "Aunt Melissa, I will never blame Charles. I'm more than happy to stay with him. As long as I can be around and he doesn't kick me out, I don't care whether or not he treats me well, really."

Because of Leila's humility, Melissa felt more sorry. She knew how tough it had been for her. Leila was too sensitive to show her sadness. Melissa swore to herself tha

ping by the shopping mall for Shirley.

Isla didn't pay heed to Sheryl when she was asked to stay in the office and check the files left behind. Instead, she rushed through the door about to close and followed Sheryl. "I want to go shopping with you!"

Sheryl, left with no choice, just smiled and shook her head. Isla then held her friend's arm, ready to leave any time. The two walked out of the building together.

Isla took Sheryl's silence as an agreement to what she believed was the best plan. She hurriedly followed Sheryl.

Isla volunteered to take the wheel and asked Sheryl to just sit back and relax in the passenger seat. The traffic was fast and they arrived at the mall in no time.

However, just as they arrived, Isla's excitement was superseded with a bout of stomach pain, so she rushed to the bathroom on the first floor.

Sheryl was too excited to wait for Isla, so she immediately went to the children's clothing store on the same floor while Isla was in the ladies room.

To her surprise, Sheryl came across Ferry. What were the odds!

She thought Ferry was stalking her the moment they crossed paths.

When their eyes met, Sheryl's flight response kicked in. Her first reaction was to run away from him, but Ferry didn't give her the chance. Without second thought, he walked toward her to stop her in her footsteps.

"Hey! Are you trying to run away from me?" Ferry snickered, which annoyed Sheryl. She expressed her disgust and said, "Could I do that? Is that even possible?"

"Well, you know who the boss is." Ferry bragged as he looked Sheryl from head to toe, as if she was some kind of well-dressed mannequin.

Almost vexed, Sheryl ignored Ferry and turned around, ready to leave.

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