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   Chapter 1593 Helping In The Kitchen

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"My friend's company is short-handed. I can introduce Leila to him," Charles said without hesitation. He wanted to help both Leila and his friend.

Leila had spent a reasonable amount of time and exceptional effort in taking care of Melissa lately. Because of such kindness and compassion, Charles was beyond grateful to her and helping her land on a decent job would be the least he could do to repay her. Besides, he had reputable connections and finding Leila a job would be as easy as lifting a finger.

"I highly doubt that would be good. I mean, I don't even know this friend of yours. What if he treats Leila badly?" Melissa objected anxiously. She was worried for Leila.

Charles was speechless and in utter disbelief at his mother's violent reaction toward his idea. Why would his friend treat Leila badly in the first place?

"Mom, my friend won't do that. Don't you trust me?" Charles was ready to find Leila a well-paid and decent job. Melissa's suspicion toward his friend disappointed him a little.

"But Leila has a criminal record and she even went to jail once. I am afraid that your friend, regardless of his stature in life, will discriminate against her," Melissa said, expressing pure concern. Melissa didn't want to disappoint Leila, nor did she want to vex Charles. So, she came up with an excuse before she brought up her real proposal to Charles.

"So what can I do? Tell me." Charles was already grumpy because of Sheryl, hence, he didn't have much patience. Happily agreeing to find Leila a job was already stressing him out, even if he first thought it would be an easy fix. Melissa's disagreement was taking toll on his patience, which was about to wear out.

"Wasn't Leila your secretary before? She must be very familiar with your company already. How about you ask Leila to be your secretary again?" Melissa finally laid her plan before him as she shared her real idea.

"What? No!" Charles rejected the idea immediately.

"Why not?" Melissa almost cried in defeat when she saw the determined look on Charles' face.

Despite the awkward situation, he didn't bother to explain to Melissa why he wouldn't allow Leila to go back to the company and become his secretary once again.

As she observed how Charles remained silent despite her tantrums, Melissa sobbed out loud to look more vulnerable. She said to Charles, "I'm so helpless. Leila is the only person who cares about me and would do anything for me. I couldn't have survived in jail without her. Now, I can't help but feel bad because she is in trouble and I can't do anything."

Melissa brought up the old days in jail and persisted with the drama, which annoyed Charles even more. He pursed his lips, silent and ready to stand firm against her incoming tantrums.

Even though Melissa already knew that Charles wouldn't answer her, she continued to bawl like a child

lissa's bedroom, Leila couldn't contain her astounding joy. She grinned from ear to ear. She was so thrilled of what was yet to come that she almost jumped as she suppressed her giggles.

Her excitement brought confusion to Nancy. She wondered what had made Leila so happy.

As she saw Leila trod gracefully to her bedroom, Nancy decided to proceed to her room as well. She did not want to waste time on pondering why it was that Leila was filled with such unexplained joy.

Leila was brimming with happiness. She hoped this would send her to sleep. All she thought about was reporting at Shining Company in the morning and working with her dream man, Charles.

Leila wasn't the only one wide awake at such wee hours. The idea of Leila working in the company made Charles anxious and upset. It was the last thing he wanted. But what else could he do, considering his mother's current health condition?

The next day, Leila got up earlier than usual morning. It surprised Nancy, especially when Leila helped her prepare breakfast. She was behaving so differently than before! It befuddled Nancy. She never helped Nancy in the kitchen, but today was an exception. Leila must have lost her mind.

"Miss Zhang, you seem to be in a good mood today," Nancy said to Leila in an attempt to find out what had happened.

Leila just smiled and didn't utter a word as she glanced at Nancy.

Leila knew that Sheryl and Nancy were as close as sisters, so she tried her best not to converse much with Nancy. In any case, Leila was going to be the wife of the famous Shining Company's CEO soon, and it would be very improper for her to rub elbows with a servant.

Nancy finally quit nudging her and decided to remain silent. She continued to finish her task, pretending as if nothing had happened.

Moments later, the mother and son duo, Melissa and Charles, woke up, stretching themselves to welcome another day.

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