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   Chapter 1586 Divorce

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Both Charles and Sheryl remained silent, as if they had an agreement not to answer this question.

The officer was speechless. She had seen lots of couples and heard countless reasons on getting divorce. On the other hand, Charles and Sheryl seemed like a perfect match. Charles was handsome and Sheryl was beautiful. 'What a pity they ended up like this, ' she thought to herself.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" the officer asked Charles and Sheryl. "There's no turning back once you start the procedure. As the saying goes, if something is broken, you should fix it, not throw it away. This applies to marriage too. When something goes wrong in a marriage, couples should try to sit down and talk it out so they understand each other better and love each other more."

Listening to the officer, Sheryl felt more upset. Taking a peek at Charles, who was silent and seemed like he wasn't paying attention at all, Sheryl grew sadder and more determined. "It just didn't work out for us," Sheryl said firmly. "Our marriage has come to an end. No need for it to continue."

The officer glanced at Charles after Sheryl finished talking. He did not comment, so she took that as an agreement.

She coughed and asked, "Have you signed a pre-nup or something like that before? And are there any other things you two need to settle down?"

"No, I don't plan to take any of his money. All I want is my company and the custody of my children." Sheryl wasn't a gold digger. The last thing she needed was the Lu family's money.

She wasn't the kind of woman who depended on her husband to make ends meet. She was talented and had a head for business. Although Cloud Advertising Company wasn't as good as the Shining Company, their annual profit was considerable.

"I don't agree. The assets can be 50-50. But the children's custody has to be mine!" Charles objected without any hesitation.

"Really, Charles? You are much busier than I am, and you spend all your time at work. I don't think you have any time to take care of the children," Sheryl talked back, feeling disappointed and a little angry.

Charles was going to be with Leila very soon. And sooner or later, they would have their own kids. Sheryl would never let Clark and Shirley stay with Charles and Leila. She couldn't even imagine how Leila would treat her children.

"Then, do you have the time to take care of them?" Charles asked Sheryl, taking a firm stand himself.

appened, Sheryl had already walked away and he couldn't catch up to her. He was left standing still, upset and heartbroken.

'Sheryl, I don't want to divorce you. Why do you keep pushing me away?' Charles furrowed his brows, his face looking dreary.

Driving back to the company, Sheryl cried hard, her tears flowing endlessly.

In the past few weeks, she had been feeling that she had become very vulnerable. Even the littlest thing depressed her and there was nothing she could do to improve the situation. She let her tears drown the pain that she felt inside as she made her way back to the Cloud Advertising Company.

Back at the company, Isla was still waiting for Sheryl. After Sheryl had gone out, Isla told Phoebe to let her know when she was back.

Phoebe knocked on Isla's door. Even before Isla could tell her to come in, Phoebe pushed the door open and walked in anxiously. Seeing Phoebe's fretful face, Isla stood up right away and asked, "What's wrong?"

"Ms. Zhao, Ms. Xia is back. But she has been crying a lot." Phoebe pointed at Sheryl's office, asking her to check on Sheryl.

Without second thoughts, Isla ran toward Sheryl's office.

Sheryl had closed her door. She needed a moment to be alone and didn't expect others to come into her office.

She wiped off the tears on her cheeks when she saw someone coming in. Initially, she thought about asking the person to leave, but when she lifted her head, she saw Isla.

She knew that she didn't need to hide her feelings in front of Isla. Before Isla could walk to her desk, Sheryl ran and wrapped her arms around her before letting out a cry.

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