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   Chapter 1584 It Has Come To An End

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 8117

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Sheryl felt a chill come over her, and her heart sank.

She did ask for a divorce, but she was just threatening Charles. If he had the slightest love for her and their kids, he should have saved their marriage instead of agreeing immediately.

Sheryl felt greatly distressed. She realized that her marriage with Charles had come to an end even without Ferry's threats.

Tears streamed down her face uncontrollably. Sheryl's heart was so wretched that she didn't dare to wipe her tears clean. Her heart was shattered. Maybe tears could take away her sorrow.

It was already so late. The company was empty since all the members had left for the day. Therefore, Sheryl could cry out loud without scruple. As she let herself drown in her sorrow, Sheryl recalled all those times that she spent together with Charles. The more she thought of them, the more wretched she felt inside.

Her memories were so vivid that she thought those things happened just yesterday. However, it was all over now. She couldn't accept such a drastic change at all. She didn't know how she could cope with it either. But it seemed that there was nothing left for her to do now.

After Sheryl recovered herself, she stood up and gathered her things. She then dragged herself out of the company with a heavy heart.

When she arrived at the parking lot, she didn't want to drive. How could she possibly drive now given her sore and swollen eyes? Luckily she lived close to the company, so she decided to walk her way home.

Sheryl was in a trance as she walked her way out of the parking lot. Suddenly, a dazzling light with a sharp car horn gave her a jolt. She couldn't help but raise her hand to cover her eyes immediately.

Before she could react further, a hand pulled her to the side.

Sheryl didn't know who had helped her until the car roared past them.

"Sheryl, what are you doing?"

the man asked angrily with a sullen expression.

To Sheryl's surprise, the man was Lewis. 'Why is he here?' she thought in amazement.

Lewis was a nice guy and one of their biggest clients. They had cooperated for a long time. Most importantly, his company contributed tens of millions of dollars for Cloud Advertising Company. Therefore, Sheryl managed to sustain a good cooperation with him.

'But why is he in the parking lot so late if he doesn't work in this building?' Sheryl wondered.

Still frightened by the car earlier, Sheryl s

hing. Recently, rumors broke out that Sheryl and Charles were going to break up, and it spread in the city like wildfire. Lewis felt that it was his chance to win her.

"Mr. Xu, even though we know each other for many years, I don't think we are truly friends yet. So..." Sheryl decided not to finish her sentence to avoid embarrassing Lewis.

Lewis didn't insist. He wondered when Sheryl would stop being cold to him and open her heart.

Feeling embarrassed, he still managed to put up a smile. Lewis kept silent though he felt quite frustrated.

'Sheryl, you are going to divorce Charles anyway. Why can't you give me a chance to pursue you?' he thought.

Thinking how he fared against her husband, Lewis didn't think that Charles was better than him. He was also handsome and rich.

"Mr. Xu, I have arrived. Could you pull over there?" They had already passed her home, but Lewis didn't seem to stop, so Sheryl had to remind him.

Lewis got zapped back from his thoughts. Opening his eyes wide in surprise, he smiled at Sheryl, a little embarrassed.

As soon as the car parked, Sheryl got out of it quickly. She was so desperate to run away from Lewis.

Lewis rolled down the window and bid farewell to Sheryl, but she didn't bother to look back at him.

He waited there until Sheryl got upstairs. And then he sped away into the night.

On the other hand, after Sheryl locked the door behind her, she decided not to turn on the lights. In darkness, she walked her way across the living room quietly and sat on the sofa, feeling miserable. She knew that tonight would be a sleepless night again.

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