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   Chapter 1581 Medical Reports

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"Trust me; I have neither interest nor intention to threaten you. Now can you just cut short to why you have called me?" Sheryl asked impatiently. She was resisting the urge to press the call end icon.

After Melissa calmed down, she sneered complacently. "Nothing important. I just want to ask you when you're going to divorce Charles. Now that you are aware of Charles and Leila having an intimate relationship, it is needless to say that she will become his wife in the future. I hope you need no more clues to understand that you have been abandoned! If you have the slightest self-esteem, you should let go of this marriage. Otherwise, I'll confront you in your company. It will only bring shame to you. Think it over!" Melissa tried to give all possible reasons for Sheryl to give up.

'Charles, are you so desperate to get a divorce?

As soon as you reached Dream Garden, you asked Melissa to call me, right?' Sheryl thought desperately.

She was lost in thought for a while. As she came back from her reverie, she snorted, "What shame? I should be shameful for being cheated on by my husband?"

"Sheryl, shut up! All I want to say is that you should divorce Charles as soon as possible!" Melissa snapped angrily. Sheryl's cool attitude irked Melissa. She felt frustrated that even after using such sardonic words, she could not intimidate her.

Melissa also knew that Sheryl was a proud woman. Now that Leila had come between her and Charles, she wasn't likely to come round. But Melissa wanted their marriage to end as soon as possible.

"Copy that. I have to go now if you are done," Sheryl said curtly. She hung up the phone before Melissa could say anything else.

After the conversation was over, Leila tried to suppress her anger. "Aunt Melissa, why did you have to call Sheryl today?" she asked.

She didn't expect Melissa to cause such trouble for her in her absence. She had just left Melissa to go to the toilet. And by the time she came out, she found her talking to Sheryl.

Leila was petrified to see that. Sheryl had warned her earlier that if she dared to provoke her, she wouldn't ever let go of Charles.

"All I wanted was to humiliate her!" Melissa replied, looking a little miffed. She had called to mock Sheryl. However, she failed. What was worse, she was provoked by Sheryl instead.

Leila couldn't help but be angry at Melissa. 'Why do you always make things worse?' she thought.

"Leila, just forget about Sheryl. There is something more important for you to do now. You should go to the hospital and get my medical reports. Charles is waiting for them!" Meliss

a, in case she read the concern in them.

Melissa looked at Charles with confusion in her eyes. All of a sudden, her eyes widened as if she had just remembered something. She asked urgently, "Did Leila get my medical reports? What did the doctor say?"

Charles could feel his knees tremble as Melissa threw the question at him abruptly.

He knew that he had to hide the truth from her or else she would be devastated.

Even though he was nervous and sad, Charles forced a smile. He said, "Mom, don't worry. The reports say you just have ordinary rheumatism."

"Oh! Then why do I feel sore and painful all over?" Melissa stared at Charles suspiciously. Her endless questions made him lose his mind.

After remaining quiet for a while, Charles said calmly, "You feel fatigued and painful because your rheumatism is more severe than before. Don't worry, Mom. It's not a big deal. The only thing you need to do now is listen to the doctor's instructions. You will feel better very soon, okay?"

Charles was so considerate and gentle that Melissa couldn't help but feel touched. Tears started to gather in her eyes and she said, "Okay. Charles, you are a very loving and dutiful son. With your love and care, I'm sure I'll recover soon!"

She even patted the back of Charles' hands. They had never been so intimate before.

In the past, Melissa felt distanced from her son because of Sheryl. Since Sheryl had now left this house, it was the perfect opportunity for Melissa to make up with her son. Meanwhile, she would tarnish Sheryl's image further.

Charles smiled reassuringly as he glanced at Melissa. He didn't mention the medical reports again.

As they reached the living room, Leila and Nancy came out of the kitchen.

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