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   Chapter 1578 Jordan's Stubbornness

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Captivated by Cassie's gorgeous smile, Nick found himself completely infatuated with her. He felt a strong urge to propose to Cassie right now which further convinced him that Cassie was the love of his life and he would throw her a spectacular wedding ceremony.

At the Cloud Advertising Company

Right after Sheryl and Isla returned to the company, they devoted themselves to their jobs.

Although the new project didn't require their presence, they still insisted on working in the company. Sheryl wanted to soak herself in work so that she could forget all the troubles in her life, while Isla wanted to accompany Sheryl to comfort her. As a result, they ended up spending more hours at work than their subordinates.

Since the both of them had set a good example by displaying exemplary work ethic and attitude, their colleagues were all inspired to work harder.

"Ms. Xia, Mr. Xu of the Lightning Company wants to invite you for dinner to discuss our cooperation for the coming year," Phoebe reported after she knocked at the door.

Sheryl nodded, raising one hand to hold her forehead while tapping the table with the other, seemingly lost in thoughts. After a while she asked, "Do I have any other appointments tonight?"

"No, nothing else for tonight," Phoebe answered. She knew that Sheryl didn't like socializing with business partners outside of work, but Lightning Company was an important cooperator and client of the company, so she couldn't turn him down directly.

"Okay. Put it in my schedule," Sheryl said curtly. Then she continued reading her contract.

Isla came in as soon as she found out about the dinner tonight. A taunting smirk crept over her face.

Although Sheryl didn't look up, she could feel Isla's gaze. She sighed, "What are you planning this time?"

"Are you aware that Mr. Xu fancies you?" Isla giggled as if it was the funniest thing she had heard lately.

Sheryl stopped what she was doing and stared at Isla in silence, as if asking her to stop talking nonsense.

She was a married woman and a mother of two kids. Although she and Charles were at odds with each other as of late, she was still his wife. Moreover, not many people knew about their troubles at home. How could Mr. Xu pursue her considering all the factors?

"Isla, I don't think your real intention is to bring us together. You're just looking for an excuse to meet him!" S

hat Cora had caught a fever, so she went close to her and tried to feel her forehead with her palm.

Cora, however, dodged and muttered, "Cassie, I'm fine. I'm just..."

Cora paused in silence, not knowing how to continue. After all, she couldn't tell Cassie that Jordan wasn't going to give up harassing her.

"What happened?" Nevertheless, Cassie was genuinely concerned about her. 'Is Cora in some kind of trouble? Why is she refusing to talk about it?' she wondered.

Looking into Cassie's concerned eyes, Cora broke into a bitter smile. She sighed, "Do you really want to know why?"

"Of course I do! Tell me what happened!" Cassie answered anxiously, urging Cora to tell her.

Cora knew that Cassie wouldn't give up until she had unearthed every bit of information from her, so she told Cassie everything.

Cora's words almost immediately sent Cassie slumping onto the chair like a deflated balloon.

Her reaction gave Cora a jolt. She assumed that Cassie was terrified by what she had said, so she squatted down next to Cassie and said, "Cassie, I shouldn't have told you this, right?"

Cassie shook her head. After a while she answered, "I'm fine. It's not your fault, of course. Concerning Jordan's problem, I'm also guilty. If I had rejected your brother in the very beginning, he wouldn't be so stubborn now."

She really thought so from the bottom of her heart.

After hearing Cassie's sincere words, Cora shook her head and said, "Cassie, you did nothing wrong. My brother is the only one who should be blamed!"

"Cassie..." Nick, who showed up abruptly, chimed in.

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