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   Chapter 1577 I Won't Be Mad At You

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Before Nick and Cassie could react, Jordan leaned back and laughed out loud. He pointed at Nick arrogantly and sneered, "I really believed that you were strong enough to protect Cassie. Now, she has ended up getting injured! How do you explain that?"

Nick felt too much shame to confront Jordan. He had failed to protect Cassie that time.

Noticing Nick's sullen silence, Cassie knew that he must be feeling sorry for failing her. She snapped angrily, "It's none of your business! Jordan, can't you just be a man and leave me alone? I told you a thousand times that I don't like you. Why do you still have to harass me?"

Cassie was tired of his shameless harassment. He was almost as cruel as a psychopath!

"Are you annoyed with me? Do I have that right? There are so many outstanding men in this world, so why did you have to choose a lesser man like him?" Jordan shouted angrily at Cassie.

He couldn't understand why Cassie would choose Nick instead of him. He was much better than Nick in all aspects. Her rejecting him was a huge blow to his ego!

The more he thought about Cassie's unfair treatment of him, the more furious he became. The only thing he wanted to do then, was defame Nick as much as he possible.

"Enough, Jordan. I love Nick, and that is the most important thing. You'll never be able to compete with him concerning that point. If you are really powerful and petty enough, just keep me and Nick in prison forever. If you aren't willing to do that, then finally stop bothering us and go away!" Cassie stated sharply as she glared at Jordan.

Jordan was riled up. He came there to insult Nick, but he didn't expect that Cassie could care for that coward, Nick. She ignored his feelings, and had instead come to humiliate him!

"Jordan, Cassie and I were not arrested because of you. Don't think that you are powerful enough to keep us in prison. Moreover, I also tried to hit you. If you are really a man, then come on and fight me!" Nick challenged Jordan, staring at him with fury burning in his eyes.

Jordan wasn't stupid enough to start a fight at the hospital. He knew that people would come to help Nick, so he would definitely suffer. What was worse, someone might call the police over it.

"Nick! Just you wait and see. I won't spare you!" Jordan

eing that he didn't want to talk to her, Cora angrily said, "Jordan, behave yourself!"

Then, she left immediately after.

Cora was anxiously heading for Cassie's room, so she didn't see Jordan's clenched fists and contorted face.

Jordan watched Cora leave and muttered, "Cora, why don't you support me? I won't let go of Cassie so easily. I'm going to make her mine no matter what!"

Jordan was completely resolute as he left the hospital in a rage.

Much to Cora's relief, Cassie wasn't mad at her at all.

"Nick, I want to apologize for my brother. Please don't hate him for how he behaved," Cora said as she turned to Nick. She knew that Jordan's harassment was irksome to both Cassie and Nick.

"Of course I won't judge him too harshly. There being some other guys pursuing Cassie just means that she is really a good girl, and I'm fortunate enough that I'll be the one to get her for my wife!" Nick replied calmly, as if he didn't think Jordan as a problem.

"What are you talking about? When did I agree to marry you?" Cassie complained as he face flushed red.

Staring at them in jealousy, Cora shrugged. "Are you showing off in front of me on purpose?"

"You naughty girl! How dare you make fun of me?" Cassie smiled and reached out playfully as she lectured Cora.

Cora dodged her fist and then immediately said, "All right. I'll leave you two lovebirds alone."

Then, she waved goodbye to them and took her leave.

Cassie's smile was as beautiful as a flower when she saw Cora leave the room.

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