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   Chapter 1575 A Lot On Your Mind

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Leila was disappointed as she thought to herself, 'If I already knew, I wouldn't be here to listen to your nonsense.'

"Both you and I know what kind of person Charles is. His Shining Company is world-famous, so its strength is something the world is able to see." Holley wouldn't just cut to the chase, which made Leila anxious.

"I'm not here to listen to you remind me that Charles is out of my league. If you don't want to help me, then just say it. I can just leave, if that's what you want. I don't want to waste any of your or my time!" Leila was already grumpy, so she felt like Holley's words gave her a chance to lash out.

"You're so impatient. Just calm down, okay? I'm telling you now." Holley grabbed Leila's hand to stop her from leaving before she continued, "What if something happens to Charles' Shining Company? If you step in and give him a hand, I'm sure he will look at you with new eyes. Do that, and it's just a matter of time before he falls in love with you."

Holley had put in a lot of thought into it before she had come to that conclusion.

Ferry wanted to destroy Charles, so Holley thought she might make use of Leila because she was easy to fool and had low intelligence.

Leila was lost in thought after she heard Holley. She nodded her head in agreement after a while. What Holley had said came as a revelation. Leila still had a little suspicion that there was more to it, however. She asked, "You do have a point, but is that really going to work?"

"Trust me. I am completely certain that it is going to work. As long as you can help him get through this crisis, he will be sure to accept you. Besides, considering Sheryl's current situation, there is no way that she can be the one to help Charles. You can blame things on Sheryl if you need. If you drive a wedge between Charles and Sheryl, then the chance of them getting back together will be much lower. Charles will be all yours in no time," Holley said confidently, an attempt to convince Leila to go with the plan.

Every single word Holley said made Leila happy. All she could think about now was how happy her marriage with Charles would be. She didn't bother to consider whether Holley's words were true or not though. As long as she could defeat Sheryl, Leila felt like everything would be worth it.

After some persuasion, Leila finally agreed with Holley.

"I can't see Charles now, so how am I going to steal his files?" Leila spread her hands helplessly. She wanted to know what other advice Holley could give her. Holley had always considered herself to be a competitive and smart wom

t her lip anxiously, afraid that Leila would ask her for money. She knew that Leila had spent a lot in Macau.

Leila hadn't mentioned anything about that since they came back. Melissa thought that the situation had already passed. She didn't expect that Leila would mention it in a roundabout way now.

"I'm bankrupt. Perhaps I have no talent in running a business. I guess I'm useless." Leila smiled bitterly in self-pity.

"How come?" Melissa continued to ask Leila about the situation. She was worried that Leila was going to ask for money.

"Aunt Melissa, do you remember what I told you before? I met a rich woman in my store with an offer for me. Now, I can't open the store without her investment. A few days ago, she told me that her husband was cheated by his friend. Her money was all stolen and that friend is nowhere to be found." Leila watched Melissa's facial expression as she talked.

Melissa was a little embarrassed. Leila wondered where that reaction came from.

Then something occurred to Leila. She shook her head speechlessly. 'Melissa, you really think I care about the money?' Leila thought to herself with a sneer.

Leila was also confused. She didn't understand why, both Holley and Melissa, thought that she only wanted their money.

Leila, swore she would become Charles' woman. Once her dream came true, the last thing she needed was money.

Leila saw the anxiety and worry on Melissa's face, so she continued, saying, "The tragedy wouldn't have happened if that friend was trustworthy, or if he was part of the rich woman's family, right?"

"Ah?" Leila's words brought Melissa's attention back to her. She nodded in embarrassment and said, "You're right. They need someone trustworthy."

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