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   Chapter 1573 Shame On You

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Leila turned her nose up at Isla and sneered, "It's been a long time, Ms. Zhao. But you're still the way I remember you. I could smell the stink of your breath even before you opened your mouth. Actually, I happen to know a fabulous oral doctor. I'll leave you his number later!"

Even Sheryl was surprised to see such self-glorifying behavior from Leila. She had thought Leila would face them with her tail tucked between her legs. Leila was the one who got in between her and Charles, after all.

"Shame on you, Leila Zhang! If I were you, I'd rather die!" Isla spat.

"I won't protest if you die right here, right now!" There was a moment of silence as nobody else knew what to say. "Right. I believe you won't because you're not me!" Leila continued, every word effectively getting to Isla, throwing her off. Isla wondered how Leila had such a sharp tongue in just a few days.

Sheryl didn't go through the trouble of saying anything. She was reluctant to confront a shameless woman like Leila, because she understood that by doing that, she would gain nothing. She would only waste her time. Besides, it would even make Leila happier if she thought Sheryl took her seriously.

"Loudness is not necessarily persuasion, Miss Zhang. I won't bother arguing with the likes of you. Whether you admit or not, Sheryl is still Charles' lawful wife, and you're nothing but a whore who tried to steal another woman's husband by crawling into his bed," Isla said each word slowly and sharply, arousing the attention of passers-by.

People began gathering around the three of them.

"What I did has nothing to do with you! It's not up to you to go around telling the world about other people's business!" Leila felt a bit of panic when people started to look at her, but she kept her nose high and looked down on Isla. But Isla was having none of it. She did not back down.

"Sometimes, I ask myself why the world's moral standards continue to degenerate day after day, but I begin to understand when I look at you. It's all because of gold diggers like you. If you could move into a family's house and throw yourself at another woman's husband, is there really anything else you can't do? Hmm...Since you've accomplished that astonishing feat, I believe countless women all over the world would be happy to pay you to teach them your ways!" Isla raised her voice as more and more people stopped to look at the three of them. She couldn't give Leila a beating for her best friend, but she thought she could at least try to make Sheryl feel better by publicly humiliating Leila.

The bystanders began whispering among one another, with some even pointing at Leila. "Ladies and gentlemen, please look at this woman..." Isla prepared to fan the flames when she spotted the look of uneasiness on Leila's face.

"Isla!" Sheryl interrupted and grabbed Isla by the hand.

She didn't want

Nick was still sleeping, the three women talked softly and quietly. Sheryl and Isla felt a little relieved when they heard Cassie's reassurance. Sheryl held her hands and patted them tenderly.

"Would you like some porridge, Cassie?" Isla asked and took the vacuum barrel in her hands.

"Okay. Porridge sounds fine," Cassie replied. Although she didn't feel like eating, she knew it would help her get better. Besides, she couldn't turn down their kindness.

Sheryl and Isla talked with Cassie for a while after she had had some porridge. Then, she went back to sleep. It was then that they left the ward.

They dropped by the nurses' station before leaving the hospital.

"Cora, kindly keep an eye on Cassie. Please call me if she needs anything," Sheryl asked. She was afraid that Ferry would break his word and come back for Nick and Cassie.

"Please don't worry, Ms. Xia. I'll check up on her from time to time. It's getting late. I believe the kids are waiting for you." Cora then watched Sheryl and Isla as they disappeared from her sight. She went straight to Cassie's ward and took a look at her before she went on with her work.

Leila returned to Dream Garden, exhausted and frustrated.

"What happened, Leila? Are you upset? What's this all about?" Melissa asked. She noticed that something was off with Leila the moment Leila got back. Earlier, Leila had joyfully and swiftly left for the supermarket but now, she returned with red eyes and a swollen cheek.

Leila shook her head. As tears formed in her eyes, she replied, "It's nothing, Aunt Melissa. Please don't be upset." Her delicate and touching expression aroused Melissa's protectiveness.

"Leila, you know you can talk to me, right? Tell me what's going on!" Melissa urged as she stared at Leila and waited for a response. It seemed she wouldn't let Leila go unless the woman finally told her what she had experienced that afternoon.

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