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   Chapter 1572 Isla’s Verbal Attack Against Leila

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Sheryl's mind raced as she didn't want the deal she made with Ferry to be leaked. She quickly grabbed Isla's hand to stop her, and then turned to Nick. "It's no big deal! I just reached out to some of my contacts to set you and Cassie free. And, what Isla meant is that it's best if we stay quiet. We'd better not fuss because under our current situation, Cassie might get into trouble again! I know that it's really unfair but, we should just put up with it and let it go," she explained.

"Let it go?" Nick said, and looked confusedly at Sheryl. He never expected to hear that kind of answer from her.

'Sheryl is always like this. She fails to be tough when the situation requires her to be!' Isla thought and looked helplessly at Sheryl.

"That's right!" Sheryl's lips curved into a faint smile. She simply hoped that Nick would understand why she acted this way.

"Well, I agree with Sheryl. We don't have to worry. The most important thing right now is that you and Cassie recover for now. It's never too late to avenge ourselves," Isla echoed Sheryl and nodded. She had quickly read what was on Sheryl's mind, and chose to support her.

Soon enough, Nick was convinced. Despite his rage, he knew that he couldn't do anything now because he was bedridden. Beside him lay Cassie, who was still in a coma. A bitter pang stung his heart. He felt truly remorseful, as he was Cassie's boyfriend and he failed to protect her. He then realized that Sheryl made sense.

"Nick, don't be too hard on yourself. What happened to Cassie was out of our control. Luckily, she is fine now. She just needs to rest more," Sheryl suggested. Her eyes watched the way Nick looked at Cassie. She could tell what was on his mind through the deep frown on his face.

"Sheryl, I couldn't be more grateful," Nick said. In his eyes, Sheryl had always been thoughtful towards him. She was greatly empathic and offered him good advice.

"Nick, come on! You don't have to be so polite with me! We're close friends, so I also feel the pain when you're hurt. I'll always be honest and give you my best advice because we're friends. You know it's not a good idea to seek revenge under current circumstances," Sheryl told Nick with a smile, and gently patted him on the shoulder.

For Sheryl, her top priority at the moment was to comfort Nick.

On the other hand, Nick lowered his head without a word. He thought deeply about what Sheryl had said. Despite his eagerness to seek justice for Cassie and himself, he had to be realistic about the situation. "I agree, Sheryl. Rest assured that I won't act impulsively!" Nick said after a long pause.

"Good, that's what I want to hear! Come, you must be hungry. I brought some food for you," Sheryl nodded enthusiastically. Then, she gestured for Isla to set the table and bring the food out.

After a while, the room was filled with the delicious scent of rice and side dishes. Nick immediately felt hungry at the sight of the food.

While the three of them enjoyed their meals, it was disrupted by a knock on the door. Cora's head popped from the doorway, then she entered cautiously. Sh

urrowed brows, she placed her hands on her hips and said, "Sher, are you serious? When did our company go bankrupt that we have to be so thrifty now?"

"What are you talking about?" Sheryl scrambled and even rolled her eyes. She glanced behind the aisles again, to see if Leila was still there.

"Then why our Ms. Xia can't even afford to buy some fruit in a normal store?" Isla joked. Even if Isla was kidding, Sheryl was at a loss for words.

Helpless, she decided to be honest with Isla.

"Because I saw Leila! She's here!" Sheryl whispered to her friend's ears. Sheryl looked at the aisles, then Isla followed where her eyes led.

Soon enough, Isla quickly spotted the disgusting woman.

Without a word, Isla suddenly went straight in Leila's direction.

Everything happened so suddenly and fast, that Sheryl wasn't able to stop her.

Sheryl knew about Isla's temper, and she knew how things were about to turn out. Too embarrassed to see what would happen, she wanted to escape the store.

Yet, Sheryl still followed Isla closely to try and stop her. Meanwhile, Isla had approached Leila and shot her a brash look.

"Well, well, well. Isn't this Charles Lu's mistress? How dare you walk out in the daylight! How dare you go out like this! Aren't you afraid to be recognized by others because of the shameful things you've done? You must have lost your dignity! How disgraceful!" Isla mocked. Behind the aisles, Sheryl was extremely fazed by Isla's choice of words.

Still, Sheryl didn't want to cause any fuss in public. But Isla didn't think the same; she wanted to take advantage of the situation and give Leila a lesson.

Now, Leila didn't expect to meet them at such a place. She was confident when it came to Sheryl, but Isla seemed to be a tough bone to bite!

Isla was a woman of words. Even if she was on the wrong side, she could prove that she was right. Leila knew that she had to be more than self-assured, especially with so many people around them. No matter how humiliated she would feel after Isla's insults, she had to be cool and collected.

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