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   Chapter 1571 Let's Sue The Police

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Updated: 2019-09-20 00:13

It took quite a while before Isla could bring herself to comfort Aron.

"I should really get back to work now." With that, Aron headed back to the company.

After seeing him off, Isla sighed in relief, "He's so dramatic!"

"Well, so are you! You shouldn't have even gone there in the first place," Sheryl said, disappointment evident in her tone.

"But I saved you, Sheryl! Give me a little credit, won't you?" Using a mock-angry tone, Isla raised her voice a little.

It seemed her little act worked, as Sheryl immediately apologized and comforted her friend.

The two didn't head back to the office until Isla's anger totally dissipated.

Since she went back to work, Sheryl had been pretty well lost in thought. After having a muddled mind about it, she decided to give Charles a call.

Although she no longer had any faith in him, she wouldn't shed a tear until she saw the coffin. As long as she had yet to call him and ask him directly, Sheryl still held some hope deep down.

With a sigh, she pulled out her phone and dialed the number.

The ringing seemed to go on forever. With every ring, she grew more and more certain that he wouldn't answer her call, like usual. Just as she was about to hang up, though, he picked up the call.

"Hello, Sher?" His voice sounded tired on the other end of the line.

Hearing the familiar sound made Sheryl's heart tighten. Pursing her lips, she forced herself to ask, "I've been calling you. Why haven't you been answering me?"

"I'm sorry, Sher. I've been attending to meetings abroad the past few days. I always put my phone on silent for those, so I missed your calls," he explained calmly.

Sheryl, of course, knew it was merely an excuse.

If he really meant to talk to her at all, how come he never called her back when he was free?

With a cold smile, Sheryl felt the little hope she had for Charles fade away entirely.

Ferry's threats weren't serious enough to freak her out. In fact, she could easily discuss the problem with Charles to find a plausible solution. But his indifferent attitude was too disheartening. Sheryl decided to give up.

For one, Sheryl didn't want Ferry to come after Charles. And fo

some advice.

Seeing Nick and Cassie, wounded and bed-ridden, Sheryl could feel the guilt and shame creep up her spine. Lowering her voice, she apologized.

"Sher, you really have nothing to do with this. Don't be sorry! It's about the damn cops who beat us up, alright?"

In the past few days, Nick was sure he was stuck in an actual hell. Squinting at the ground, Nick turned rather furious. "Cassie and I had nothing against them and yet, they hit us."

Every word Nick uttered hit Sheryl differently. She was at a loss for words.

"Sher, let's just sue the police. Cassie and I did hit people, but we did nothing to the police and prisoners. We were only detained. They couldn't beat us that easily!" Looking at Sheryl with eagerness, Nick decided that he would get out of his bed, only to arrive with the police, regardless of injury.

Immediately after buying food, Isla headed back to the ward, patting Nick on the back as a little teasing about him getting up in the morning. "What are you doing, Nick? Do you want more injuries? Sheryl did a lot to save you. Stay in bed!"

After the initial position, Nick still seemed angry. "So I just let this go? Cassie and I didn't go through hell just to drop it."

"What else can you do? Fight the entire police station? That's throwing straws into the wind. Do you want us to lose our connections?" Isla chastised.

"Of course not. Isla, did you say that Sheryl saved Cassie and me?" he asked.

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