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   Chapter 1569 Ferry's Revenge

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"I want Charles' reputation ruined. I want him to be haunted by this forever! I want him to have to live with this for the rest of his life!" Ferry cursed as a hideous look appeared on his face. His voice was sharp like a knife, and sent a chill down her spine.

"What will you get if you do that?" Sheryl asked calmly. She tried her best to stay composed to appease Ferry's anger.

"Well, I don't really get anything in return, but as long as it hurts you, then I'll be happy! Sheryl, don't you see? All I want is for you to suffer. You shouldn't ever forget that! You owe me and you're going to pay for it!" Ferry said with a wicked smile. He grabbed Sheryl's clothes, his teeth gnashing. He'd managed to keep himself together, but if Sheryl had been a man, there was no doubt that he'd already beaten Sheryl up.

What held him back wasn't that he didn't want to beat up a woman though; it was just that he'd figured out a better way to punish Sheryl—even better than physical violence.

"Sheryl! Because of you, I lost the woman I love the most! You killed her! And I have always wanted to do whatever it takes to make you feel the same pain that I did! But this time, I'm going to be nice and give you an alternative. I can spare Charles's life if you promise to leave him forever," Ferry said icily. Suddenly, he pushed Sheryl, out of impatience. With a thud, Sheryl fell on the floor.

Sheryl was so enveloped in her own thoughts that she'd completely withdrawn from her surroundings. She trusted Charles but Ferry wasn't the easiest man to deal with. She wasn't even sure if Charles could go up against Ferry, and she didn't want to take the risk. Lest it get worse, she decided to accept his offer and leave Charles forever.

"I guess you don't know what it feels like to lose everything and be betrayed by everyone you know and love, your friends and even your family. I suffered all of that because of you. Now it's your turn! Have a taste of your own medicine!" Ferry said obnoxiously as he eyed Sheryl on the floor. His eyes were shining—proud of his notorious victory.

Sheryl felt like Ferry was torturing her. She could feel her heart twisting in pain. She could only do so much to defend herself against Ferry.

Ferry patiently waited in silence for Sheryl to respond.

Her relationship with Charles had hit a rocky patch ever since Leila showed up. She and Charles had been so distant and constantly fighting. Even then, she didn't want to leave Charles because she loved him and she was willing to fight for him.

However, she had no choice but to decide right then and there as the situation was urgent.

Soon, tears were falling down her cheeks but Sheryl didn't look distressed at all; in fact, she even looked calm.

In a cold tone, she responded, "Fine, I'll do as you say. I'll leave Charles but yo

ffic police officer hung up. He sped up and then stopped right in front of Isla's car, effectively blocking her.

Isla nodded her head and gave the officer a smile. The officer asked, "Where are you headed? Follow my car. I'll clear the road for you!"

"Great! Thanks so much!" Isla said as she took out the note Sheryl left her. There were some leads in the note she could follow.

With the help of the police, Isla drove faster than before. The officer employed the monitoring camera so they could keep driving if they ran out of clues from the note Sheryl left. They went to all the places that Sheryl normally went to.

Whenever they drove into areas that didn't have signal, the officer would radio the local station and ask for assistance.

Isla was focused on finding where Sheryl was. Every second mattered to her, as she couldn't allow anything to happen to Sheryl!

Towards the end, Isla was starting to feel as if the police weren't helping. She thought it would be best if she did this alone so she quietly cut across and left the police behind.

In a suburban villa, Ferry was still mouthing off to Sheryl. He kept accusing Sheryl of what she'd done to his loved one and it seemed like he couldn't move on. To him, Sheryl was a monster.

But what he couldn't see was that he was, in fact, the monster; Sheryl was an innocent person who happened to have just gotten tangled up in all of this.

"Ferry, I can't believe you still think that I'm the one who killed your girlfriend," Sheryl said, helplessly. She couldn't believe that Ferry was still blaming her for everything that had happened. If anyone was to blame, it would be Ferry!

"If it weren't for you, I would have taken revenge for myself years ago and I wouldn't have ended up in prison! That's all your fault! Did you really think I was going to let you get away with that so easily?" Ferry taunted.

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