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   Chapter 1567 Kidnapped

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"Black, I also miss you very much. How about this? Give me a kiss and then you go home? Just a kiss, Honey, okay? I'm really not in a good mood tonight. Please!" Holley pleaded piteously, seemingly pretty perplexed.

Holley's rejection came as a blow to Black. Her reply was absolutely contrary to what he thought of her. Her refusal to obey him was the last thing Black had ever expected after so much of requesting and begging. Anyways, much to his disappointment, Holley turned him down relentlessly.

Black glanced at Holley. He could mark a change in Holley's behavior but was still not sure about the reason. Maybe, she was holding back something in her mind that he was not aware of.

Thinking about this, Black embraced Holley and kissed her on her forehead lovingly, saying, "Holley, are you still bothered because of the assassin? Are you afraid that he'll come back again?"

Holley couldn't help snorting secretly. 'Of course, you idiot!' she thought with disgust. What other reason would have made her turn to Black had it not been for Bernard's threat? However, to her distress, before she could solve the problem of Bernard, Ferry came back.

Her situation aptly justified the proverb "Misfortunes never come alone." But she also knew that Black would not be able to defuse her crisis with Ferry.

At the thought of it, Holley heaved a deep sigh and said, "Black, in fact, I'm worried about you. You and your father have not been getting along too well of late. I think, maybe you shouldn't bother him with my problems anymore. What do you think?"

"But I have promised to help you, and I have also mentioned it to him once. Don't worry, my dear. Just as I said, he agreed to protect you. I'm sure nobody will dare to hurt you now," Black said confidently.

"I know. But the assassin organization is far too dangerous. I don't want to involve your father in it because of my safety. I asked for your help before because I didn't think through it carefully. But now I realize that I did a bad thing!" Holley sighed, putting on a regretful look.

"Holley, don't ever say that again; otherwise I'll be mad at you! You know what? We are family! I must help you and protect you!" Black said, sounding a little offended.

He thought that Holley was making excuses to push him away, which irritated him.

"All right. But today I'm really very exhausted. If you stay here, I won't get a good night's sleep. Will you go back hom

an up from head to toe and was further convinced that she really didn't know him.

Even though he wore a mask, Sheryl could still tell from his physique, hair, and eyes that he was a stranger to her. But Sheryl thought that he was merely a pawn. The actual mastermind wouldn't show up so readily.

The man looked up at her but immediately turned away as if he was afraid that Sheryl could recognize him.

"Do you want to save Nick or not?" he threatened Sheryl once again.

Sheryl nodded her consent.

"Good! Give me your cell phone and bag!" the man commanded as soon as they boarded a car.

"Why?" Sheryl asked defiantly. Even though Sheryl was in a passive situation, she didn't want to let him think that he could do anything to her easily.

"Do you think I'm stupid enough to give you the chance to call the police? We'll give all your belongings back to you when we set you free!" he said sounding impatient with Sheryl's questions.

"Humph! You are a group of people, while I'm just a woman all alone out here. Are you all such cowards that you're afraid of a woman?" Sheryl sneered on purpose to provoke the man. She knew that the more he talked, the more information she could get from him.

"Shut your mouth! If you really want to save Nick, just give me those!" the man thundered at her angrily. Sheryl's taunt humiliated him.

Sheryl fell into silence since she was threatened again. She didn't dare to provoke him anymore and handed over her cell phone and bag to him obediently. Then her eyes were covered by a piece of cloth.

'Do you really have to be so mysterious?' she complained in her mind.

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