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   Chapter 1566 Ferry The Psycho

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In Holley's home, she was in a daze.

She sat, pale-faced and stupefied. Her eyes blankly stared somewhere, totally ignoring Black's words.

"Holley, are you listening to me?" Black asked as he felt her inattention. He tugged on her arm, trying to attract her attention.

"Humm... I'm sorry. What did you just say?" Holley asked after she came back to her senses.

"Do you recall offending anyone recently? Why else would someone try to make trouble for you? There is no way anyone would stalk you without a solid reason," Black asked probingly.

Holley was displeased to be questioned, but she didn't show it on her face. She put on a grieved look immediately.

"Black, I am well aware I have put you in a tough spot. I'm sorry for getting you involved in this mess. I think you should let me handle it! I'll take care of myself!" she sobbed. Her pitiful but gorgeous face tugged at Black's heart.

It was hard for him to resist her charms.

"Holley, what are you talking about? How can I leave you alone in this dangerous situation? No, my intention wasn't to bombard you with questions. I merely wanted to figure out who that person was so that we could stop it from happening again!" Black explained quickly to clear up Holley's misunderstanding.

"I'm just an ordinary girl. How could I have offended anyone so powerful?" Holley complained. Black nodded his head realizing her words actually made sense. He couldn't find it in himself to continue asking. The priority now was to protect Holley.

"Don't worry. I have told my father about your problem. He agreed to send some guards to protect you. I'm pretty sure those bad guys that have followed you won't dare to show up again. Moreover, I have announced that you are my fiancee. Nobody can lay a finger on you," Black reassured her, proud of being able to help her

However, no matter what he said, Holley's mind couldn't find peace.

Ever since Ferry found her, she lived with a feeling of an impending doom.

'What can Black do for me?

The only thing he can do well is brag. While I am trouble, he keeps bragging about his family and power. When compared to Ferry's power, the Hu family is nothing!' Holley thought with fear once again oozing out of her body. She knew Black couldn't do a thing to intimid

rid of him, she dared not to break up with Black now. She knew he was still useful for her.

"You can rest assured. As long as I'm with you, nobody will dare to hurt you!" Black gloated proudly. He then looked at Holley, who was lying in his arms, full of love.

"Thank you, Black. Your words are putting my mind at ease." Her voice was sweet, but Black couldn't see her impatient expression.

Then Holley set herself free from Black's embrace and said, "Black, I'm tired and in need of rest. Could you please leave now?"

"You know, I want to take care of you. I am planning on staying here tonight," Black replied immediately. Holley knew what he really wanted. Of course taking care of her was only an excuse.

Only a few hours ago, she had been molested by Ferry. Thanks to her clothes, her bruises were hidden from Black.

Pale-faced, Holley held Black's hand and sighed, "You have already angered your father for my sake. If you don't go home tonight, what will your father think of me? He is going to think of me as a bad woman. If that happens, I am afraid he won't let us get married."

"But I really miss you. We haven't been together for a very long time. Holley, please let me stay here tonight, okay?" Black pleaded as he felt her tender skin and saw her beautiful face. In this moment, he wanted her so badly.

Holley stared at him shyly. But internally, she felt sick at the mere thought of staying with him. If it hadn't been for his family background, she would have dumped him a long time ago.

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