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   Chapter 1565 Sadness

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"Yes, sir!" Barrett saluted before walking out.

Sheryl knew the police were just doing their job but she couldn't just leave Nick and Cassie here. Who knew what kind of torture they would go through if they stayed here?

Her mind was in shambles but she needed to think of a way to solve this. She shook her head in frustration and entered the visiting room.

Tears welled up in her eyes once she saw Nick and Cassie. However, she had to hold it in. She was the only one they could count on right now. She needed to remain strong for them. "Don't worry. I promise to get you out of here. Just hold on, okay?" she told them, her voice breaking in anguish.

Cassie grabbed Sheryl's hand in desperation. "Sher, please help me. This place is hell. I don't want to stay here anymore," she murmured tearfully, her entire body shaking in fear and anxiety.

Sheryl understood what Cassie meant by "hell". She too couldn't bear to stay here any longer and she couldn't imagine just what horror Cassie would have to go through being held here.

Sheryl swallowed and took her hand from Cassie's grasp. "I will," she said, standing up quickly and walking away.

She couldn't bear it, being in that sort of place and watching Nick and Cassie suffer. It was suffocating and heartbreaking at the same time. She needed to leave. She needed to act.

She knew she had now run out of options. The only person who could help her now was Charles.

It was a hard decision to make but what else could she do? He was the only one who could help save Nick and she only hoped he wouldn't turn her down considering what they had been through in the past days.

Taking a deep breath, Sheryl hardened her resolve and headed for the Dream Garden.

The tall, imposing front doors stood before her. Sheryl wanted to just forget everything and get out of there but her desperation forced her to raise her hand and knock.

The door opened, revealing a shocked Nancy, who stood with her mouth wide open at the sight of Sheryl.

"Sher?" she said, reaching out to hold her hand as if to ensure that Sheryl was indeed real.

Sheryl smiled in embarrassment. "It's me. How have you been, Nancy?"

Just before Nancy could answer, a sharp voice called out from the inside. "Nancy, who is it?"

Nancy visibly stiffened at Melissa's voice, but was not given a chance to r

o. I might just stay at home. Drive safe!"

"Okay then. Bye!" Melissa said, leaving the house and not noticing the shady smile on Leila's face.

Meanwhile, Sheryl decided to go to the next place she might find Charles: Shining Company.

If he wasn't at home, then he might be there.

"Excuse me, is Charles in the office?" she asked the secretary. Nobody had stopped her from going straight to the CEO's office since everyone in the company knew who she was.

The secretary was very surprised to see her though. "Mrs. Lu, Mr. Lu is abroad. There are a lot of things in the branch for him to deal with."

"When will he come back then?" she asked anxiously but the secretary only shook her head, indicating that she did not know.

Sheryl cursed before also storming out of the building in frustration.

This was bad. She was running out of options and she needed to set Nick and Cassie free as soon as possible. Should she call Charles?

It took her a while to think it through but after realizing that she had no choice, Sheryl mustered up the courage to dial his number. Imagine her annoyance when it went straight to voicemail. Frustrated, Sheryl left him a message, hoping he would call her back soon.

He was obviously hiding from her. He hadn't called her for so many days and now, he was nowhere to be found. Of course he was purposely avoiding her.

The thought made her extremely sad.

However, this was no time for tears. Sheryl shook her head and held her head high. She had a lot on her plate and there was no way she was going to break.

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