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   Chapter 1564 The Hypocrisy Of The World

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Sheryl wondered what had gone wrong this time. Had she made anyone unhappy?

Out of all these people, wasn't there a single person who knew the officers at the police station?

No, that was impossible. It was simply that no one wanted to help her. It was just the way the cruel world worked.

She sighed at the thought of the hypocrisy of the world. She guessed that people had heard of her separation with Charles, thus causing the change in their attitude.

To be honest though, it wasn't exactly hard to figure out. Leila had basically turned herself into Charles' Siamese twin. Wherever he went, she was bound to be there too. Whenever Charles was out in public, she made sure she was there as well. Even a child could figure out they were in a relationship.

Sheryl sat very still in her car, overwhelmed by the feeling of helplessness.

But she imagined Nick's and Cassie's faces and knew that they felt even more helpless in prison. She had to pull herself together and figure out how to rescue them.

As her brain identified the number one priority, she started figuring out exactly where the whole mess had started. Of course! It had to be Jordan. He played a crucial role in the case and she was certain that he was the one who had started the fire.

Normally, if the police took over such a simple case, they would just take the involved parties' statements and not make any arrests. In this case, not only were they arrested, they were also not granted bail. It didn't make any sense at all. Someone had to be behind this.

Even if Nick had indeed injured Jordan, it shouldn't be such a big case. Wouldn't one night be enough for such a minor offense? The only logical answer behind it all was that Nick and Cassie must have offended someone with a lot of power and influence. Someone wanted them locked up.

Sheryl had thought of all the possibilities, but couldn't decide which the most likely situation was. Anything seemed to be possible in this crazy life.

Finally, at the end of her wits, she decided to go back to her office.

The first thing she did when she arrived at her office was to ask her assistant to make a visit to the hospital to check if Jordan was really there. When it was confirmed, she wasted no time and personally went to visit him, bringing along some gifts.

She really hoped that she could dig up some useful information from him.

Oh, how she hated hospitals! It brought back so many unpleasant memories.

She especially hated the smell of disinfectant. It made her sick and she held her breath the moment she entered the building. She wished her nose would temporarily stop working.

She went to the reception desk and asked where she could find Jordan. She was immediately directed to his room.

His room number was 404. Even the room number made her feel uncomfortable. She really didn't want to visit that disgusting man, but she forced herself to go to his room anyway. Nick and Cassie were both depending on her.

She didn't know him personally, but from the stories she had heard about what had happened between him and Nick, she already had a very bad impression of him.

"Hello! Are you Mr. Li?" She forced a smile on her lips and called out cheerfully. As she entered the room, she observed the man lying in the bed. His head was wrapped with a suspiciously thick bandage. She wondered how serious his injur

children had fallen asleep, her mind was still racing, trying to figure out how to help Cassie and Nick.

Morning seemed to arrive quickly, even though she couldn't sleep.

Before the sun was fully awake, Sheryl was already on her way to the police station.

The whole night, she kept thinking about Nick and Cassie, and since she couldn't sleep, she decided to come early to see what she could do.

She managed to request to meet both of them at the same time. Since Nick and Cassie had been separated, they arrived at different times, with Cassie being sent first.

As soon as Nick was brought into the room, the first person he saw was Cassie.

Cassie was immediately drenched in tears at the sight of her boyfriend. "Nick, they beat me! I don't know why everyone in my cell kept bullying me. It's horrible here!" she cried.

Sheryl felt her heart was grabbed by an invisible hand when she heard Cassie crying. She was almost out of breath.

Then Cassie noticed the bandage on Nick head's and started crying even harder. It seemed that Nick had suffered more than her.

Sheryl couldn't control her emotions either and blurted out, "Nick, what happened to you?"

"One of my cellmates seems to be a gangster. He kept picking on me and even beating me, but the cops just turned a blind eye and a deaf ear. It was so unfair, Sher!" Nick clenched his fists, still outraged by the unfairness of it all.

Cassie finally managed to control her crying and touched Nick's bandage lightly.

Seeing the injustice suffered by Nick and Cassie, Sheryl couldn't take it anymore. She stormed out and confronted the officer on duty.

"This police station is a disgrace! Not only have you wrongfully arrested my brother and his girlfriend, you lock them up with gangsters and allow them to get beaten? How do you run things around here? You'd better have a good explanation for this!" Sheryl slammed her hand on the officer's desk.

The officer took his time sipping his tea and replied calmly, "Really? I didn't know of such happenings. Hold on a minute. Let me ask my colleagues."

Then he turned lazily and told his colleague, "Go and find an explanation for all this. Make sure she doesn't have a reason to complain about us. Move along, now."

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