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   Chapter 1562 Call the Police

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Sneering, Cassie looked at Jordan's contorted face. "Jordan, if you are really a man, don't twist the facts. Now, tell me, when did I accept your proposal? All this time, you kept harassing me like a shameless dog, didn't you?"

Publicly humiliated by her sarcastic statement, Jordan replied defiantly, "Yes, I did. But realization hit me. And, when it did, I decided to dump you. Are you mad at me because I dumped you?" A vicious smile spread over his face.

What Cassie heard made her so angry that she failed to utter even a single word. Jordan was indeed the most shameless guy she had ever encountered in her entire life.

"All right, Cassie. Don't lose your temper over someone like him. Everyone knows you would never stoop to date a piece of shit like him. He just wanted to get even with you for not accepting his love. He thinks by just grabbing some random girl from the street can provoke you. What a naive guy! Just ignore his little tricks," Nick comforted.

This time, Nick sneered. And, it was downright insulting.

Meaning to insult Cassie by taunting her, Jordan did what he thought would be most effective. However, he hadn't expected Nick to have a sharper tongue than him, and it rendered him speechless.

"Cassie, my baby, cheer up. A bad mood will destroy your beautiful skin. Your face will be full of wrinkles and you will get ugly," Nick continued. Then he enfolded Cassie in his arms gently, and looked at her with loving eyes like she was his whole world.

The anger Cassie felt gradually faded away because of Nick's comforting words. A few minutes later, she burst into a grin.

Meanwhile, the woman in Jordan's arms was not feeling good at the moment.

'What did Nick mean by talking about grabbing some random girl from the street?

Do they assume that I'm a cheap girl?' she wondered angrily.

Not for a moment had she thought of herself inferior to Cassie. She was also young and beautiful. But what annoyed her completely was Jordan's reaction. Not a single word came out from his mouth to defend her against Nick's insults. 'It's a big possibility he thinks the same of me, ' she thought bitterly.

Hurt, she dragged herself so fast out of Jordan's arms. Then, she turned and walked away furiously.

"Marilyn!" Jordan called out.

"Don't dare call out my name! You shame me!" Marilyn shouted back snappily. Afterwards, Marilyn walked towards the crowd and was lost in it.

Meaning to annoy Nick and Cas

ecilia heard her husband answer the person on the other end so respectfully, she lost her sleepiness. She became curious and listened carefully.

When the call ended, Walter remained motionless for a little while.

"Dear, who called you just now? Is there something wrong?" asked Cecilia, tugging on Walter's arm.

"Stop it!" Walter removed her hands on him and pushed her aside impatiently.

"Why are you shouting at me? I am just asking! Humph!" Cecilia complained. Having almost a decade's age gap, Walter treasured his young and beautiful wife. Her charm and coquetry always pleased him. This was one of those rare moments he shouted at her, which made Cecilia a bit angry.

She silently lay in bed, her back to Walter.

Completely distracted by the call, Walter was lost in thought. Suddenly, an idea came to him. He picked up the phone and dialed. A few moments later, he ordered someone to accomplish something the next morning.

Having received a positive response, Walter started to relax.

Hanging up the phone, he breathed a sigh of relief.

When everything was settled, he realized that his wife was extremely angry at him. He smiled and cradled her in his arms.

"Dear, did I scare you just now?" Walter asked softly as he ran his fingers over her body gently.

Being smart, Cecilia became the wife of the police chief. She knew how to attract a man's attention without annoying him. So, even though she was still angry, she pouted her lips and moved closer to Walter. Striking him lightly with her fist, she complained, "You were so rude. I asked you because I cared about you. How could you get mad at me?"

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