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   Chapter 1561 Secondhand

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"It's fine, Cassie. You already look beautiful enough. Wade just saw Nick waiting outside. If you don't get on your way now, you'll be late!" Cassie's colleague urged her to move quickly while Cassie was still engrossed in appreciating herself in front of the mirror.

"Nick is already here?" Cassie exclaimed as she did not expect Nick to be so early. She thought that she would have to wait for Nick for a while. And in that time she could groom herself to look her best.

As soon as she learned of Nick's arrival, she took a quick last glance at the mirror, shared a smile with herself and rushed out.

Cassie took brisk and nimble steps as she walked through the hospital corridor, passed the garden area and arrived outside the hospital gate. As soon as she reached the gates, the first thing that met her eyes was Nick's car parked beside the road.

She could not refrain herself from running towards the car. By the time she reached the car, she was short of breath.

Nick smiled as he saw her running to him, and said, "Hey, there is no rush. Why are you running so fast?"

Cassie just smiled and got into the car. As she made herself comfortable in the seat, Nick reached out to help her fasten her seat belt. And as he did so, suddenly they came very close to each other and the atmosphere changed. Their eyes met and they came closer and closer. Cassie felt a little shy and said, "Let me do it on my own."

"It's all right. It's already done. Now, tell me, why were you running so fast? What's the rush?" Nick asked in a concerned voice as he tried to change the topic.

Although it was not the first time when they were so intimate, the feeling of affection was so intense that they could almost hear each other's hearts beating against their chests.

However, their shyness was as overbearing as the deep affection between them. Cassie and Nick were still passionately in love.

"I was afraid that you will be waiting for too long," Cassie answered in a soft voice.

Nick started the car and said, "That's fine. It doesn't matter how long I wait, I'll always be there for you. By the way, you look beautiful. So, what do you want for dinner?" He cast a loving glance at her before shifting his gaze back to the road ahead.

"Thank you. Anything is fine," Cassie answered, her cheeks growing red at the same time.

The atmosphere slowly became normal as Nick focused on driving, to Cassie's relief. She calmed herself down and suggested some Japanese food to Nick.

Finally, they went to a Japanese restaurant. Sheryl was a regular visitor at this restaurant and recommended it to Nick. Nick trusted Sheryl's taste, so he decided to take Cassie to this restaurant.

The restaurant had a beautiful Japanese decor. It was said that the owner of this restaurant was originally from Japan. And since he got married to a Chinese woman, he moved to China with his wife and opened this Japanese restaurant.

Nick had already confirmed the booking while they were on the way, so when they arrived, they went to the room they had pre-booked. As they waited for the food to arrive, Nick spoke with Cassie about her life.

The restaurant had a special rule. The customers couldn't order the food of their choice.

Rather it was the owner of the restaurant w

gates. Upon hearing her name, Cassie turned around to find a beautiful and sexy woman standing beside Jordan.

She eyed Cassie from head to toe and cast a vicious glare at her. However, Cassie cast a nonchalant look at her.

'It's good to see that Jordan has finally found another woman. At least, he won't be chasing after me anymore, ' Cassie thought to herself.

Even Jordan noticed the mark of jealousy in the eyes of his female friend towards Cassie. He suddenly put his arms around the woman's waist and laughed intentionally. He looked at the woman, ignoring Cassie and Nick, and asked, "Babe, do you know who this lady is?"

"Who is she?" the woman asked. She knew that Jordan said those words intentionally, so she decided to be a part of this game.

Jordan sneered and said, "This lady, Cassie, is the secondhand woman that I threw away. But to my surprise, someone picked up this secondhand thing so quickly. Maybe everyone just has different tastes. Although I don't understand it, I have to respect it."

Jordan kept on saying offensive things about Cassie like there was no one else around him. He kept on talking for a long time, but he didn't notice that the expression of the woman on his arm changed completely.

And his words provoked Nick, who was almost on the verge of pouncing on him with the purpose to tear him down. However, Cassie held his hand and gave him a slight pull, indicating he should refrain from messing with Jordan at the moment.

And Jordan was still talking in the same provocative manner. He turned to Nick and said, "Mr. Ge, come on. Why are you so attracted to such a woman? You can do better. Why do you just insist on having the secondhand woman that I dumped?"

Jordan sneered again and suddenly changed his tone. "And Mr. Ge, you even treat her like a precious woman. Why? I feel so sorry for you!"

He spoke in a sympathetic manner as if he was a real well-wisher of Nick.

However, although Jordan tried to provoke Nick's anger, Nick behaved in a very calm manner. He was angry but he just didn't respond. Perhaps because he was still holding Cassie's hand, he was able to stay calm even at the face of such provocations.

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