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   Chapter 1556 Who Hired You To Kill Me

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 9333

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"You must be Joan," Sheryl asked as she spotted a middle-aged woman in plain clothes standing by the door.

"Yes, I am. Are you Ms. Xia? Nice to meet you!" Joan replied with an amicable smile. She exuded a very pleasant and polite vibe which touched the right chord with Sheryl at the very first glance. Joan looked exactly like the nanny she was looking for, and besides, Joan was recommended by Nancy. Sheryl made up her mind to hire Joan.

"Nice to meet you too. Please call me Sher," Sheryl said as she gestured for her to come in.

"Okay, Sher!" Joan said politely as she took brisk steps inside the room.

She then took her to the sofa and briefly discussed the KRAs with Joan. Joan would have to take care of the households which included three meals a day, the cleaning and the laundry while Sheryl would send the kids to school and pick them up herself. She would inform Joan earlier or call her in case she couldn't make it, and then Joan would pick up Clark and Shirley. It seemed to Sheryl that Joan was quite satisfied with this job.

"Okay, I got it. Please don't worry, Sher. Nancy is a friend, and she told me that you're a nice person. Trust me. I'll do my job well and I love kids!" Joan patted on her chest as if taking a vow.

Sheryl took her hand and showed her the room. Joan had to depart for the time being as she had to collect her luggage. She said goodbye to Sheryl and took the ring of keys into her custody after Sheryl handed them over to her.

Sheryl let out a huge sigh of relief and came to grab Isla into her arms.

"Thank you so much, Isla! Had it not been for you, I don't know how long it would take to fix all these. Look at the room! Everything is just perfect! Then, what would like to have for dinner? Let's go to a fancy restaurant. It's on me!" Sheryl exclaimed excitedly. She was really grateful for having a friend like Isla. Without Isla, it would be much difficult for her to get through all this. She wondered if at all she could get through it in the first place.

"Sheryl!" Isla glared at her and warned, "Stop making such ridiculous statements lest you want me to be mad at you!" Isla cast a displeased glance at Sheryl with her eyebrows stitched into a stern frown.

Sheryl reverted to her anger by sticking out her tongue and shaking her head. Then she said, "Not at all! You won't. Let's make a move. It's getting late. Let's go and find your husband for dinner!"

Isla took a glance at her watch and saw that it was time for dinner.

She asked, "But what about Clark and Shirley? Aren't we waiting for them?"

"No, Joan will pick them up today. She'll be here within half an hour. It's only five minutes' away. Don't worry!" Sheryl replied as she put on her shoes.

She had asked Joan to pick them up and make suppe

She shut her mouth, so as not to risk her life. Closing her eyes, she remained as still as a statue, waiting for further instructions from him.

She had gotten a glimpse of that man under the dim light here. She was certain that she hadn't done anything to him, but why did he come to her?

"Who are you?" Sheryl asked in a choked voice. "And what is this all about?" The man didn't ask for money, and she guessed that he must be up to something else.

"It doesn't matter who I am. You're my target." His voice was pressing and Sheryl felt she was about to faint right away.

"You must be mistaken. We've barely seen each other before. How could I have offended you if I have never met you?" Sheryl probed the man with the hope that he might have caught the wrong person. She squeezed her eyes closed and silently prayed that her guess was right.

But he sneered and thought how ridiculous this woman was. He was professional and would never take a wrong target down. "Your name is Sheryl Xia, right? I'm looking for none other than you. I am a hitman, a pro. Drop your stupid fantasies right away!" he whispered into her ears, which rendered her blood cold.

Sheryl was more than taken aback by the idea that someone paid him to kill her.

She was confident with her behaviors and believed that she had never offended someone so bad that she or he wanted her to die. She wrecked her head to find a name she could have possibly harmed.

"Yes, I'm Sheryl Xia. But would you please tell me who paid you to kill me? I don't want to be murdered in confusion." Sheryl tried to get to the root of the matter.

The hitman, on the other hand, let his guard down a bit. Sheryl was a woman and now she seemed to be waiting for her fate calmly. "Are you nuts? You must be well aware who wants to end your life. It's not up to me to tell you!" He laughed.

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