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   Chapter 1555 Moving In

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They went to a restaurant near Isla's house. Once they found a table, Isla called Aron as they waited for their food.

When Isla got off the phone, Sheryl asked Isla whether Aron was still working or not, so they could ask him to join them for dinner.

"Well, don't mind him. He's been very busy these days. Let's just have dinner on our own. He will be fine," Isla said and sat down. After a long day at work, she felt so hungry that she could eat everything on that table by herself.

They finished their scrumptious dinner very quickly. After they dropped Phoebe off, Isla drove Shirley and the kids to her home.

When they got inside, Sheryl noticed that not only Aron wasn't home, but also their child weren't there, so she looked at Isla in confusion. Isla rubbed her head and smiled. "Aron and I have been pretty busy these days, so I asked my mom to babysit the child for a while. And Aron just told me that he needed to work overtime tonight and would be coming home late, so it's just you and me tonight. Let's party tonight and have some fun!"

Isla chuckled and Sheryl was amused by her laughter.

"You really don't look like a married woman, Isla. Sometimes you act like a child!" All of a sudden, a thought entered Sheryl's mind. She had read something on a website, and it stuck with her. It went like this: if a woman acted more like a child after she got married, it meant that her husband loved her so much that he didn't mind treating her like a child. He cared for her so much that he would tolerate all her childish behavior.

Having realized how happy and lucky Isla was, Sheryl couldn't help but think about her own marriage. After she got married to Charles, Sheryl became tougher as the years went by. Sheryl was tired of everything and she didn't want to know whether it was Charles' fault or hers.

It was already quite late when they finished dinner. Sheryl tucked the children in after she helped them wash their faces and brush their teeth.

Sheryl told the children a bedtime story, but they felt asleep in the middle of it. Before she walked out of the bedroom, Sheryl gave them each a kiss on the forehead.

When Sheryl walked out of the bedroom, she saw Isla drinking wine in the living room. Sheryl sat next to her, grabbed her glass and drank it all down in one gulp.

"You can't enjoy this by yourself," Sheryl said and pour

to a secondhand market.

The first thing Sheryl needed to do now was buy some furniture and clean the house.

She bought something that would match the decorations in the house.

After a half day of work, Sheryl and Isla finished cleaning up the house. They sat on the sofa, completely exhausted. Looking at the brand new apartment, they both felt satisfied. Their hard work had finally paid off.

When they installed the new furniture, Sheryl asked someone to remove the formaldehyde so that she and the children could move in right away.

"Sher, you owe me dinner, honestly. Look what I have done for you! I'm the general manager of the Cloud Advertising Company. And here I am, moving furniture and doing manual labor for you!" Isla feigned fatigue and "complained" to Sheryl.

Sheryl was so exhausted that she almost fell asleep. She shifted and found herself a comfortable position. Before she drifted off, Sheryl said to Isla, "Sure, you deserve that. Invite Aron to come over tonight. Let's have dinner together. My treat!" Sheryl felt asleep after she finished her words, so did Isla.

A call woke Sheryl and Isla up. They had been sleeping for almost two hours and were feeling well rested.

Sheryl had hired a babysitter to look after the kids while she was gone. The babysitter showed up at the appointed time and knocked on the door several times, but when no one responded she decided to call Sheryl's phone.

Nancy was the one who introduced this babysitter to Sheryl. The babysitter was Nancy's friend, so Sheryl didn't doubt her competency for the job.

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