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   Chapter 1554 Alright, Then

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"Ms. Xia is with the kids on the roof," Phoebe said as she pointed at the roof. Then she bid Isla farewell and continued to do her work.

Then, Isla headed to the roof of the building.

When she got to the roof, Isla didn't hear anything or see anyone. She looked around nervously and saw that Sheryl and the kids were sleeping on the couch.

"Sher?" Isla gently nudged Sheryl and called her name in a low voice, trying to wake her up.

Sheryl suddenly opened her eyes widely. After she realized that she had fallen asleep on the roof because of how tired she was, she felt embarrassed in front of Isla. She got up slowly without disturbing the children and followed Isla silently. When the kids were out of earshot, she asked, "What happened? Have you found an apartment for me?"

Sheryl knew that Isla was a person of great efficiency, so she firmly believed that Isla was capable of finding her a good place in a short amount of time.

"Yes, I did. You know me. I'm great at what I do. When do you want to check the place out?" Isla asked.

Perhaps it was Isla's efficiency that made her want Sheryl to have a look at the apartment as soon as possible.

Sheryl turned back to look at the children, thinking about something. A moment later, she said to Isla, "All right. I'll leave the children to Phoebe, and then we can go and look at the apartment. I'm going to ask Phoebe to come upstairs again, so please watch out for the children until I get back, okay?"

Sheryl went downstairs in a jiffy.

Five minutes later, Sheryl and Phoebe came upstairs together. She asked Phoebe to take care of the kids and then she left the company with Isla.

Isla was in charge of driving the car, while Sheryl sat next to her. In a pensive mood, she looked at the changing scenes outside the car window. She reminisced about the past when Charles would often take her out for a drive.

Slowly, she fell into her own thoughts. 'He liked going out on long drives. He often took me with him. That was long time ago. I thought I would forget about it eventually, but I was wrong. I didn't expect that I would remember it all so clearly. Yes, of course. I won't forget anything about Charles. I won't.'

"Sher, are you all right?" Isla noticed the melancholic mood she was in, so she interrupted Sheryl's thoughts. Isla pulled the car to the side of the road and looked at her nervously.

Sheryl realized that she was distracting Isla with her mood and she felt embarrassed again. "Yes, I'm all right. I just want to see my new apartment right now, as soon as possible."

"Really? You don't seem all right," Isla said. She couldn't believe what Sheryl said because she obviously looked sad. Isla looked at her suspiciously to ensure that she was all right.

"Yes, I am. What could possibly happen to me? I'm fine, and that's all," Sheryl said, definitiv

y, "What are you doing, Sher? Are you trying to be a princess or something? Inviting me to a royal ball?"

"Shut up! This is serious! How dare you speak to your princess like that?" Sheryl said. Then they started to "argue" with each other childishly, like they had forgotten all the things that would make them unhappy.

They pretended to argue for some time as they left that district. Then, when they came back to reality, Isla asked Sheryl how she felt about the apartment.

Sheryl was immensely satisfied, so she said, "Actually, it's a really nice apartment. There are four rooms, so that each kid can have their own bedroom. And I can see the highest tower of this city from my bedroom. So I won't be feeling lonely when I'm in my bed at night, right?"

However, Isla saw through her when she found sadness in Sheryl's eyes. Isla said, "That's great. Good to know that you are satisfied with it. It's getting late. You should take the kids and have dinner with them."

Sheryl didn't refuse Isla's advice. When Isla was driving, Sheryl called Phoebe to make sure that the kids had woken up. So Sheryl told Phoebe to take the children downstairs to have dinner with them.

When they arrived at Cloud Advertising Company, they found that Phoebe was already there waiting for Sheryl to come.

"Phoebe, it's almost dinner time. Come join us," Sheryl said to Phoebe and asked her to get in the car together with the children.

Phoebe hesitated for a moment. Then, Shirley grabbed Phoebe's hands and urged her in a cute voice, "Aunt Phoebe, please come with Shirley."

Phoebe laughed after hearing her words. 'It's a good thing that Ms. Xia gets to spend time with these two cute and well-behaved kids every day. She is very lucky to have them, ' Phoebe thought to herself.

"Come on, Phoebe. Get in the car." Isla started to convince Phoebe too, leaving her no choice but to go with them.

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