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   Chapter 1552 Unable To Explain

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"Sheryl, what's wrong? What happened to you?" Isla asked with anxiety as she looked at the devastated expression on Sheryl's face. She put down the snack that she was about to take a bite and sprang up from her seat. Sheryl looked as if she had just survived a storm. Her eyes revealed that on the inside she was broken into bits. Isla's heart sank at the sight of it.

Sheryl felt sorry for ruining Isla's delighted mood. But Isla being her best friend, she couldn't pretend to be normal in front of her either. Hence, just to make sure that Isla didn't get too worried, Sheryl simply shook her head and replied, "Nothing. I just fought with Charles." However, her voice creaked as she spoke, completely betraying her intentions to make it sound casual.

"It's not so simple, Sher! You have had fights before, but I've never seen you so desperate and sad like that. Am I still your best friend? Tell me what happened now!" Isla said in a solemn tone. Looking at Sheryl's face, she couldn't help worrying about her.

Sheryl knew that she had to give in. Isla being the kind of girl she was, she would not let the matter rest until she got to the root of it. Besides, how long would Sheryl be able to hide it? Hence, Sheryl mustered up her courage and told everything to Isla.

As Isla listened to Sheryl, she was totally aghast. Her mouth went wide open and her eyes were dilated. "What did you just say?" Isla asked in utter disbelief. It took her a few moments to internalize what she had just heard. And after that, she flared up like a fireball. Had Leila been there in front of her at that moment, she would have been dead meat.

Sheryl continued in a broken voice, "Maybe it is my fate to be abandoned by all of my family. I had thought that I could live happily with Charles till the end of my life, but who knows Leila would ruin everything like this!" Sheryl tried to hold her emotions in as she blamed fate for everything. She felt her eyes prickling, but she restrained herself from crying.

Sheryl closed her eyes shut to hold back her tears, and heaved a sigh to regain her composure. Then she looked at Isla and gave her a bitter smile. She shook her head, trying to shake it off. At this point, she even hoped that she could lose her memory.

However, no matter how much she tried to gather herself, nothing seemed to help. The despair and desperation that were tearing Sheryl apart could not evade Isla's eyes no matter how she tried to disguise it with an indifferent attitude. But she really didn't know how to comfort Sheryl. Isla knew that there was no cure for her at the moment.

"Sher, is it possible that there is a mistake in our understanding of what actually happened between Charles and Leila? Maybe you should listen to Char

sla sounded as if she was being considerate towards Charles, but in fact, she was stimulating him.

"I know. I'll explain to her!"

"What do you want to explain? How you ended up sleeping with Leila after you were drunk? What if Sher slept with a man after she got drunk? Would you have the patience to hear her explanation?" Isla asked sharply. She was always eloquent in her speech, and she knew how to argue to the point.

Charles was rendered speechless by Isla. He opened his mouth but couldn't find a word to defend himself.

"This is our family affair. I need to talk to her by myself! Please let me meet her once." Charles deliberately used the family context hoping to get rid of Isla.

Charles bypassed Isla and wanted to force his way into the elevator.

However, Isla blocked his way and spat angrily, "Charles, who do you think you are? Do you really think that Sheryl can't live without you? Get out of here right away! Otherwise, I'll call the guards to drive you out!"

"Isla, I'm here to look for my wife, Sheryl. I really want to ask you, who do you think you are to stop me from seeing my own wife?" Charles sputtered anxiously. With every passing moment, Charles was getting more and more desperate to see Sheryl. He must explain to her as soon as possible.

Caught in such a situation, Isla put aside her gracefulness and bombarded him with a retort of her own. "Then let me tell you, I'm Sheryl's best friend. If anyone dares to hurt her, I would never spare that person. Moreover, Mr. Lu, haven't you just fucked Leila? Didn't she satisfy you?"

Even though Isla was enraged, she did not lose her power to reason. Her words were sarcastic but reasonable. Charles felt deeply insulted, but he couldn't argue otherwise. After all, he did sleep with Leila, which was indeed inexplicable and unpardonable.

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