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   Chapter 1551 Leila’s Trick

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Leila went downstairs to join Melissa after all the others had left. She wrapped her arms around Melissa's shoulders to calm her down. "Please don't be mad at Charles, Aunt Melissa. It's just taking him a while to accept things."

Leila talked as if she was going to marry Charles tomorrow, and as if Charles was emotionally closer to her than he was to his own mother, all because she and Charles shared the same bed once.

"Leila, did you hear what Charles had said just now? He said that if Sheryl didn't return, he'd never come back to this house. Oh, what am I supposed to do?" Melissa asked, confused and panicking. It was true that she didn't want to stay in the same house as Sheryl, but if the condition was that her son would be going away with that woman, Melissa had to reconsider.

Leila walked Melissa to the sofa. Together, they sat down. Leila put her hands together and wondered, 'What is so enchanting about Sheryl? Why is Charles so obsessed with that woman?'

She sighed internally and put these thoughts aside before looking at Melissa. Leila was well aware that Melissa was her last hope. "Aunt Melissa, Charles only said that because he was mad and he refused to accept things. Give him some time. I know he'll calm down soon. Please know that at the very least, he's going to visit you even if Sheryl never sees him again. You're his mother. Please relax and take care." She sounded a little down but she made sense.

Leila's words worked on Melissa, who leaned back on the sofa, feeling better.

"Charles is more deeply devoted to that woman than I had thought, Leila. We need to come up with a plan to force him to get over her as soon as possible," Melissa murmured. She had been waiting for this day for so long, and now that Sheryl herself had left, Melissa would fan the flames to drive her further away.

Birds of a feather flock together. Leila thought exactly the same thing as Melissa did. She comforted her for a while and then stood up to fetch the divorce papers lying on the dining table. She quickly went through them and sort of admired Sheryl's courage and determination. No wonder Charles treated her with special attention. Leila racked her brain trying to come up with an idea. It took her a long time before she was finally able to be in Sheryl's position. She would make good use of this chance.

"Look, she even left their divorce agreement papers here. It seems she's determined to break it off with Charles this time. I believe she won't go running back to him even if Charles chases her. As I said, it's just a matter of time. They'll never get back together," Leila concluded. This was directed more to her than Melissa.

Melissa nodded, although she was still annoyed. Her face was twisted as she thought of Sheryl. "You're right. Out of sight, out of mind. But we can't stop until we're sure that Charles is completely over her."

"Don't worry, Aunt Melissa. Relax. T

ds in her arms for a long time. After a while, she let them go.

She watched as they disappeared. Then she said to Phoebe, "Please go and keep an eye on them for me."

"Yes, Ms. Xia. The kids will be safe with me. Please don't worry." Phoebe had seen Sheryl's swollen eyes and had guessed that something big must have taken place.

"Thank you. You're the best," Sheryl said. Phoebe really helped a lot, both with company matters and with Sheryl's personal affairs. There might have been lots of unpleasant things in her life, but Sheryl felt grateful that she was surrounded by so many nice people.

"I'm flattered! But my job is to help you." Without delay, Phoebe ran to catch up with the kids.

Sheryl then went to her office and sat in front of her desk. With her elbows on the table, she rubbed her forehead and thought about how and where to start. She watched the pile of documents on her table, and her mind grew blank. Letting out a heavy sigh, she picked up the phone and called another assistant.

"If Mr. Lu comes here, please tell him that I'm out today," she instructed. Her head was a mess at the moment and she didn't want to see Charles. They would fight but come to no agreement. Besides, she was afraid that, if she somehow found herself holding a knife, she would not hesitate to stab him right in the chest.

"Copy that, Ms. Xia!"

Sheryl was just hanging up when Isla pushed the door open and walked in. She was surprised to see Sheryl already in her seat.

"Phoebe told me that you left the office late last night. Why did you get so little rest and then come back here so early? You need to take better care of yourself, dear friend!" Isla threw her bag on the sofa and stopped right before Sheryl's desk. She fixed her gaze on her and grabbed her breakfast. Soon, Isla realized that there was something wrong with Sheryl, because she sat very still like a statue. It was as if she didn't see or hear Isla at all.

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