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   Chapter 1550 They Were All Gone

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"Nancy, help me pack the children's clothes," Sheryl reminded Nancy as she saw Nancy was doing nothing. She raised her voice and asked, "Nancy, what are you doing? Never mind. I'll just do it myself." Nancy heaved a sigh and went to find Clark and Shirley. Nancy was completely indecisive at the moment. She could not understand how to prevent the situation from going from bad to worse.

Inside the kids' bedroom, Clark and Shirley had heard their mother scream just a while back. Their eyes met. Shirley was so frightened that she held her brother's hand. She lowered her voice and asked in a trembling voice, "Clark, did Mom just fight with Dad?"

"Don't worry. It'll be okay. Nothing is wrong. I guess they were just discussing some problems. Mom will come upstairs soon. Mom and Dad will never have a fight!" Right after Clark finished his words, Nancy came in.

Without exchanging a single word, Nancy directed the children to the bathroom and asked them to wash their faces. Clark could feel the tension in the air.

By the time Clark and Shirley had finished washing their faces, Sheryl and Nancy had put the luggage on top of the trunk.

"Clark and Shirley, come, let's go!" One look at his mother's face and Clark understood that something was not right. Sheryl's eyes had become swollen and red because of sadness. Clark's heart sank when he saw that.

"Mom, Clark and I don't need to go to school today. Where are we going? And why all this luggage?" Shirley smiled and asked innocently. She seemed to have forgotten Sheryl's heartbreaking scream this morning.

Sheryl squatted and caressed Shirley's braids. Sheryl forced a smile and lied, "I'm taking you two to an exciting place. What do you think?"

"Great!" Shirley was just too innocent as a child. Completely oblivious to what had happened, she was very easy to trick. Without any suspicion, she followed Sheryl and walked out of the mansion.

Clark remained silent and followed Sheryl too. When he walked to the door, he turned around but couldn't see his dad. The absence of Charles made him sad. Clark was a sensitive child. He could sense something was wrong with his parents. And Charles not showing up confirmed his suspicions and intensified his worry.

Nancy was standing at the door and looking at Sheryl with nervous eyes. Nancy looked back inside the house from time to time. Actually, she went upstairs to find Charles just a moment ago. But she was stopped by Melissa at the door of his bedroom.

"Charles is taking a shower. You can leave a message with me. I will tell him." Melissa had seen Sheryl packing her luggage. It was such a heartwarming scene for her. She was so thrilled that she even wanted to help Sheryl pack her luggage. What she aspired to for such a long time was finally happening in this house. Melissa's dream had finally come true albeit a little late. Melissa hoped that Sheryl just left the house and went away forever. The sooner, the better.

"Mrs. Lu, Sher is leaving the house with the

drunk. He had no control over his mind. Every second was torture to him right now. He felt each and every breath to be labored, as if he were carrying a lot of weight that his chest had never felt before. His heartbeat quickened, almost jumping out of his chest.

Charles knew that he couldn't let Sheryl go. He couldn't let her leave like this. No way!

Charles hurried downstairs again. But it was too late. Sheryl's car was gone.

He then ran to the children's bedroom, only to find that their closets were empty. All their clothes were gone. The room that used to be filled with laughter and giggles felt so claustrophobic for him that he came out of it at once.

Charles stepped back, shaking his head. He grabbed his car keys and rushed downstairs, ready to look for Sheryl.

It was better late than never. He couldn't just sit back and do nothing at this moment.

"What are you doing, Charles? Are you going to chase that woman? Do you really think I will let you walk out of this house like this? You have to be responsible for Leila after what you did to her." Melissa stepped in Charles' way.

But Charles just ignored Melissa, not caring that she was his mother. All he wanted now was Sheryl. He wanted her back, back to the house, back in his life. He shook off Melissa's hands firmly.

"If Sheryl doesn't come back, I will never come back to this house!" Charles said as he stormed out of the house. Melissa was dumbfounded at Charles' words.

When she saw Charles walk away and disappear from view, her heart sank. 'Is Sheryl that important to you, Charles?' Melissa thought to herself.

Charles was gone. Sheryl was gone. The children were gone. It was all silent in the house at the moment. What could have been a normal morning in the house with the kids off to school, Sheryl and Charles heading towards their respective workplaces, turned out to be a complete disaster for the entire family! Being the fool, Melissa could never understand what she had done to her own son.

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