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   Chapter 1549 I'll Seek Justice For You

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 8225

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As an adult, Charles knew what had happened, of course. But the situation was so ridiculous that he was dumbfounded. Then he suddenly realized that he must explain to Sheryl. But when he looked up and met Sheryl's sad and accusing eyes, he couldn't utter a word. He didn't even know where to start.

The hangover gave him a splitting headache. He raised his palm and pressed it to his forehead to relieve the pain. In the meanwhile, Sheryl took the chance and left at once.

Sheryl couldn't tolerate standing there watching her beloved husband lying naked with another woman in their bed. At one moment she even had the urge to stab him to death.

Sheryl didn't know how she ran out of the bedroom. By the time Sheryl reached the guest room, her knees had gone weak. Her legs trembled and she dropped to the floor. She felt as if all her energy had left her body, transforming it into a heavy heap of numbness that she was unable to lift all by herself.

In the bedroom, Charles had already recovered from the shock. At that moment, he realized that Sheryl had already left. He closed his eyes painfully. Knowing that he shouldn't have let her leave, Charles sprang out of bed, ready to chase her. However, at that very moment, Leila woke up. In fact, she had been awake all the time, but she kept her eyes closed. She was waiting for the right opportunity to stop Charles. Suddenly, she grasped Charles' arm and stopped him from leaving. As a result, both of them tumbled to the bed once again.

"Charles, I won't let you go! You can't leave me like this," Leila muttered.

Charles flared up all of a sudden. She was responsible for everything! Charles shook off Leila's grasp and glared at her with bloodthirsty eyes, snapping, "Why are you here?"

This was the question Leila waited for. She was ready with the reply. She had already made up a perfect story for that.

As soon as Charles asked that, Leila shed tears like a real actress. She started to choke with sobs as she looked at Charles feigning an absolutely wounded and battered expression.

"Last night you were really drunk! I went downstairs to get some water, but I saw you stagger into the living room, unable to stand still, so I came to help you. But you..."

Leila continued to weep profusely pretending that she couldn't continue. She took a look at Charles and found that he didn't mean to stop her even though he was very angry. Taking advantage of the opportunity, she gulp

heryl almost lost her breath as she caught sight of them.

A long time ago, she was assured that Charles was her only lover in her whole lifetime, and she had also thought that Charles felt the same for her. However, she didn't realize it until today that she was replaceable.

At the very beginning, he let Leila move in without informing her beforehand. She only complained to Charles, but how did he respond? He chose to sleep with Leila!

Sheryl stared at the wall with completely blank eyes. A cold smile crept over her face. She wanted to cry out, but there was no tear shedding down at the moment.

'Charles, why did you do this to me? What do you want me to do?' she wondered. The more she thought about the incident, the more she hated Charles. However, sadly, she didn't love him any less. The dilemma was tearing her apart. Sheryl hated herself for being like that.

She knew that she lost the game thoroughly this time. She even lost her own dignity to Charles.

Sheryl felt so painful as if a knife was piercing through her heart. How she wanted herself to cast them all away and leave everything behind! But she couldn't. She felt so desperate. She hated herself for choosing the wrong guy, and she also hated herself for still loving him.

Carrying her luggage, Sheryl glanced at the guest room for the last time. No matter how unwilling she was, she had to leave this time.

Sheryl had already told Nancy to pack up the children's luggage.

Nancy was clueless about what had happened, but she noticed how bad Sheryl looked. When she was about to comfort her, Sheryl said something that threw her for a loop.

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